Easter Eggs, Easter Ducklings, Cousins, Friends, and Food

Busy weekend.

On Saturday, Jamie had a soccer game. He’s hilariously awesome out there. Then we went up to look at a couple farms/houses on the Palouse. House update: the farm house we had an offer on got another offer, which bumped us (because ours was contingent on our house selling). We are staying in 2nd position but are pretty sure that we won’t get the house. It’s okay. While it was a beautiful piece of property and a really cool home, we’ll find one that will be perfect for us. After we looked at houses (which were definite “no’s”) we went to the church egg hunt, went to visit our friends Payton, Gracie and Kaylee, then came home to play. And I stuffed a zillion Easter eggs.

On Easter morning, the Easter bunny hid eggs all over our living room.

On top of books…


…in the middle of the ottoman (we have a 2 year old hunting..)…


…and some were peeking from the backs of the sofas.


And that bunny also hid the kids’ baskets.




The Easter bunny likes the prices at Ross.

At 7:30, the kids came in.


Alice ran straight to her basket. Dora is always a wonderful surprise.



Jamie was happy to see a couple space blasters (which really hurt when daddy points them at mama’s back from 2 feet away) and candy.


And Maria loved going through all her (very girly) goodies.


Then the egg hunting began. Alice opted out of it and spent the time playing with her Dora set instead. But the big kids loved it.

Even Jamie, even though he looks completely bored in this picture (and I laugh every time I look at it).


They got all 24 eggs. I hope.


And Charlotte? She got a basket, too.


Yogurt melts and books. And I”m not going to lie, the yogurt melts were purchased on a normal grocery shopping trip last week and went in the basket early this morning. But she loved it.


Alice loved hers, too.

[“no no, babies. You not go there. You stay with mama.” Alice could take a lesson from the babies.]

ANd do you know what that naughty Easter bunny did? He forgot to purchase “Hop” which the kids have been begging for for weeks. The movie that Daddy told them he was sure it’d be in their basket this Easter. And when the Easter bunny went to Wal-Mart, he was too busy buying things like silly bands and candy and books and forgot to get the dvd.

But thank goodness that Easter bunny is familiar with our ipad. He downloaded it for the kids. Genius.


So while the kids watched “Hop,” Charlotte very sweetly played.



Then the kids took baths, got dressed, and the big kids (3 of them) and Mama went to church while Daddy stayed behind with Charlotte and got the house ready for brunch guests. The cutest guests took party in an egg hunt of course.


Seriously, aren’t they all the cutest? We have the best time when we have our cousins over. And Wyatt and Lydia and Charlie are pretty much our family, so having them over is just natural. It feels weird when they aren’t over. I think it goes without saying that my kids had the best time ever with all the kids.




And I only have one picture of the food. Seriously, one picture. But it sums me up perfectly:


To stick little cupcake toppers in every food item is so me. I did it.

But the food was so delicious.

Melva brought an egg dish that had cheese and other things in it. It looked so good.
Cheri brought a chili egg puff dish.
Cheri D brought croissants and sparkle juice (and I’m pretty sure she brought champagne, too)
Sally brought deviled eggs and OJ.
Tracy brought artichoke frittata.
Elizabeth brought muffins.
We made baked french toast, bacon and potatoes and gravy.
My parents brought fruit and ham.

The Kubiaks bailed us out with plates. No, we really forgot the plates.

It was so much fun. And afterwards, we relaxed. The kids played with all their goodies and Danny and I sat out on the patio in the perfect 70ish degree weather.

My ridiculously wonderful friends got me a gift card to JoAnn’s and I used some of it yesterday to buy books. My other crazy-awesome friend Megan got me a sewing book and fabric, too. I’ve been in crafting heaven in my head. It’s the best.



I cannot wait to make tiny booties, little bloomers, headbands and shirts. So excited. And so spoiled. You all know I realize this right? That I probably have the best friends in the entire world? More on that in a minute. First, adorable children:






Okay, so my friends. I could go on and on about Cenone, but one of her really great qualities is that she shares pretty much everything with me. And my kids. I texted her and said, “Can the kids and I come see your duckies?” And she said, “Ya, we’re just bringing them outside!” So my 3 young, loud, not very gentle with tiny animals children loaded up and headed to Cenone and Andy’s where she was waiting with her 3 adorable ducklings.





She showed the girls how to hold grass in their hand to try and get the duckies to come to them. Alice didn’t quite get it.



But Maria caught on.




When Cenone has kids, I’m going to spoil those kids rotten…and it probably still won’t add up to how wonderful she is to my kids!

After the duckies, we went to play with our friends Alison, Lauren and JJ then came home for Easter dinner.





Because Taco Time rocks.

Taco Time might be as delicious as this baby is beautiful:



But not quite.

Happy Easter!

PS: (we miss you Josh and Liisa and Pat and Alex and Joe and Paige….egg hunting would have been lots more fun with you here 🙂 )


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