Friday Favorites

Say what?  I’m back?  It’s true, I’m back.  And I”m back with a Friday Favorites post.

Athleta Headbands

athleta headband

My mom got these for me for my birthday and I love them. I thought I loved the 2 strand Prana ones, but I discovered I just liked those. These? I love. They keep back every strand of my “a little too long” bangs and they aren’t too tight. And they come in sweet colors.

Colored Jeans


I jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon. I started with a pair of skinny jeans from Target that ended up being too skinny for me so I gave them to my friend Hailey who will rock them. I had to search for a pair of skinny jeans in the not-junior department. They’re blue. I heart em.

Some E Cards




Anyone who is on Facebook has seen a million of these, but they never get old. I laugh every single time. They’re hilariously true, and it’s okay to say them because they’re put on a funny vintage postcard. Perfect.

Stila Concealer


So I ran out of foundation 2 weeks ago and didn’t order any more. Luckily, though, I have this. Stila concealer is bomb. I dab it on where I need it and then put a little blush on and I’m ready to go.

Star Wars

star wars

I never thought I’d be a mom who would let my 5 year old watch Star Wars. I’m serious. There are guns in it. But ya know what? They are actually space blasters. And it’s fantasy. And I’m so stoked that Jamie has something that he loves, that SO many kids his age love, too.

Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretel

This is a consignment shop in Moscow and it is awesome. I went in last weekend and took some of my girls’ clothes in. While she was looking through, I browsed. The browsing turned into quite a shopping trip. I scored some brand-new looking pedipeds for Charlotte for….get ready….$13!! She got a Zutano jumper, Gap dress, Next Direct dress, overalls, Gap romper and a few other things for around $50. The pedi-peds alone would have cost me $40 new. Bargain.

Mad Men

mad men

I know I am late to the Mad Men party, but I’m so glad I finally arrived. This show is great. Don Draper is a horrible husband and as arrogant as can be. Peggy is hilariously nerdy. Joan drives me nuts and I cannot stand Campbell. Danny and I have zipped through 2 seasons and are loving it.

Doodle Jump

doodle jump

So fun. Download it on your ipod or ipad.


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