Easter Eggs

This little one has been good the last few days, but it’s hard when Mama and baby are sick for 3 days straight.




The kids were itching for something to do.

So after the baby woke up and kisses were given…





[is she the most delicious baby you’ve ever seen or what?]

…we headed out to get egg-dying supplies.

And that included eggs. And dye. Everything, basically.



I boiled the eggs and cooled them down.


Okay, so maybe I had to have my friend Sandy tell me exactly how to boil eggs and then show me how to cool them off (under cold water I guess) and then pat them dry and then show me how to do the egg dye. Thank goodness for friends.

I made 3 dozen bagel bites for the 11 kids that were over. 4 of them being neighbor kids.


I burned them. Oops.

Then we dyed the heck out of the eggs.




[and who knew that you mix the vinegar with water? i thought it was straight vinegar…]

From the girls’ end of the table came a very pink group of eggs.


Sandy and I evened it out.


After the dyed eggs were dry, the kids went at them with paint and glitter and google eyes and pipe cleaners and sequins and lots and lots of glue.


My floor looks like a fairy threw up glitter all over the place.

After all 73 kids ran wild for a while (it felt like, looked like, and sounded like 73 kids. I swear.), we cleaned up and Sandy and the kids went to soccer. Alice and I took a little break and did an Easter-themed picture search.


Tonight we are kinda just hanging out. We are exhausted. I feel like you get sick, you’re tired while you’re sick, but then you need a few days to recover from when you were sick.

But we’re good. We’re feeling good (finally) and Charlotte is on antibiotics (ear infection) and my kids have been laughing and smiling and eating cookies and marshmallows all day. We’re good.


Tell me somethin' good.....

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