Friday Favorites

The Hunger Games

hunger games

I loved this series. It kept me interested and excited and it was totally gruesome but had good messages. I’ve heard criticism like, “Why would I want to read about/watch a bunch of kids kill each other? That’s horrible!” Because it’s a book. Fiction. And awesome.

St. Joseph.

st joseph

This Friday Favorite is to show St. Joe that I still like him even though he hasn’t sold my house yet. Even though I did bury a statue of him in my yard. Upside down. Facing the house. I did say the prayer. And still…nothing. But St. Joe, I still like you. And I give you 1 month to sell my home.



No, I’m not part of the club, but I already love the chicks we have yet to receive. I can’t wait to gather their blue eggs.

Mod Cloth


I ordered this dress along with 2 others to try for a couple weddings I have to go to this summer. Ooooh they are so cute.

Mumford and Sons


Not really child-appropriate, but I love them.


[photo from her blog]

I have stumbled upon a blog i adore: Click HERE to go to it. I love it! It’s written by a woman named Jen who is a photographer — she photographs and writes about food and includes recipes and music playlists on every post. She’s great.

Ashtanga Yoga.


I am not quite sure when someone snuck in and snapped a picture of Cenone, Hailey and I doing yoga, but obviously they did. Oh, haha, I’m so hilarious.

On a serious note, we do yoga. Yes, the 3 of us joined a yoga class and while I cannot speak for my friends, I will say that I absolutely LOVE it. First of all, do you remember a while back when I was bragging on my friend Jen who I think is really cool? Well she teaches the class. She teaches it along with a few of my other friends (Teresa, Joanna…) and they rock. I had no idea that I apparently never use my leg muscles OR my abdominal muscles because after a 60 minute ashtanga yoga session, I was so sore. But it’s a good sore. Maybe I will eventually be able to do a downward dog gracefully.

These Awesome Hair Ties


Maria got a pack of these for her birthday and I have been stealing them and wearing them myself. They are awesome. They are really comfortable. I don’t know if you know this about me but I am very sensitive to touch. Touch and smell. And when I say I am sensitive to touch that means that I hate wearing things that are too tight. I don’t like how certain things feel and if anything is too tight it makes me feel claustrophobic. (I remember being really little and screaming for my dad to come and fix my covers because they didn’t feel right). Anyway, these headbands are not too tight, which is a huge deal. Love em.



Someone please hit me for not jumping on the Portlandia bandwagon sooner. Could this show be any funnier?! Answer: no. I LOL every single time I watch it. And that’s a literal “LOL”, not just an LOL that I type because I’m too lazy to let you know how I really feel. No….I actually laugh out loud during Portlandia. Fred Armisen is so funny and I want to be Carrie Brownstein’s friend. If she’s that funny in a show imagine how hilarious she is in real life. The very first episode starts with Fred talking to Carrie, telling her that there is a place that exists that is still stuck in the 90’s.

Portland, OR.

One of my favorite sketches is when they are in a restaurant and order organic chicken. They ask a million questions about the chicken: how much space it has to roam, how it’s cared for, what it’s fed, where it’s grown…it’s so funny. You have to watch it to really appreciate it.

And that’s it for my Friday Favorites.

Cross your fingers for me. We have someone coming to look at our house today and they have my hopes way up. I’m getting super anxious to move to a farm — super anxious to sell our house. So please…cross your fingers.


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