It was raining like you wouldn’t believe today, so these pictures are inside…where the light sucks…and my white balance was off…so forgive me.




This little kitten wore an H&M dress and Peek essential leggings. $4.95 is what I paid for the adorable dress. Love it.




Alice strutted her stuff in a Tea Collection dress and ‘skinny’ jeans along with her brown Nordy’s boots. And her hair? She requested hair like Princess Leia. I delivered.




Maria wore an H&M dress (thanks to Cenone and Andy…mostly Cenone), pink leggings and her brown Costco Ugg knock-offs. How adorable is that pink bow and the tiny deer?




Apparently his outfit made him feel very ‘yoga’ because he wanted a picture of him “doing ommmmm.” Done.

He wore Old Navy skinny jeans and a Peek kids shirt. I love Peek kids in case you hadn’t noticed.

And me? Well I’m wearing exactly what I’ll be wearing to Yoga tonight. Yoga capris and a Roxy shirt. But you guys should see my arms. So on Monday at Yoga I noticed that my legs are pretty pastey white. Like….gross. So yesterday I busted out my clinique self tanner. Genius, right? Well the nozzle was a little clogged so when I finally pressed hard enough, squirts of the stuff hit me all over. I have bronze spots on my arms, my upper legs, my fingers, and (I have absolutely no clue how) my stomach. I’m so fashion.


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