2 Days Pass Without a Post and Crazy Things Happen.

That’s not true. Crazy things haven’t happened.

But we’ve been so busy that I’m finally able to catch my breath. As you read, Saturday was Maria’s party. After her party, I went home and got changed out of cowgirl garb and went to my friend Tara’s daughter’s 1st birthday.

If you want to know a crafty, cool mama, know Tara. It was a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party and it could NOT have been any cuter. First of all, she’s totally fashion. Her house is awesome. The floors and paint colors are ones that I envy. So then let’s move on to the decor of the party. She made tissue poms, but not just a couple. She had clusters of them all over the dining room. She blew up and printed out pictures from the caterpillar book and had them displayed throughout the house.

But my favorite part? The food table. So ya know how in the book it says, “On Tuesday, he ate 2 pears…” or whatever. Well she had little cards that said each food he ate in front of a variation of that food. Yep, there were pears. There was sausage. There were tiny little cherry pies. Except it was all much fancier than it sounds. ¬†Ridiculous. In the best way possible.

Okay, so after Bellamy’s party I raced home to get ready for Maria’s family party. Wonderful. We ordered in Mexican food and had family and friends over. She got spoiled rotten.

Then Sunday we rested. Kind of. I did tons of laundry, painted the coop, and cleaned my house like a crazy person.

Monday? Monday I cleaned, went grocery shopping then did YOGA! Yes, I did yoga with my friends Cenone and Hailey and it was quite the experience. I apparently don’t ever use my leg muscles or my side muscles (??) because they are sore as all get out today. But that’s good.

On to today. We all woke up at 6:45 and got ready for the day. I have helpers thank goodness.


Maria rescues Charlotte when she gets into trouble and if I have to make lunches or help little Alice’s get dressed, she is there to entertain her, too.


She’s the best.


So is she.



Oh, who am I kidding? All my kids are so great, I don’t think you’d believe me if I started telling you all of their great qualities and why they are so adorable. I know, you’d probably think yours were the best or something.

Alice got a little playing in before we had to leave for school.


And I always think that polka dots make every day just a little bit better. So polka dots on tiny toes it was.


And we were out the door.

While the kids were at school I helped out at Maria’s school a bit. I love helping — I helped the 6th graders with their math for a bit, then went down to Maria’s class and helped (although they didn’t need much help) and then I helped enter things into the computer.

And then after the little kids were all picked up, we headed back home, where Spring has sprung.



Fresh flowers are the best. Even if they are $1.99 bunches of daffodils from Albertson’s. They make things cheery and bright.

The kids played and read a Gerald and Piggie book (some of our favorite characters) until 3.





After Maria was picked up, we played outside.

This is when big things happened.

Just look….





He did it. My big 5 year old boy is now a bike rider.

And I’m not sure he could be any prouder.



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