Lunch at Children’s House

I went early to pick up Jamie, armed with my camera.

I love peeking in at how other people live — that sounds creepy, but I promise I don’t mean it in a creepy way. I am interested in what kids’ rooms look like (which explains why “Where Children Sleep” was one of my Friday Favorites), what pieces of art people choose to display, what their bookshelves looks like, how they organize their entry, that kind of thing.  I think it says so much about people and their own cultures, and that fascinates me!

Still think I’m creepy?

I don’t know what to tell you.

I also like peeking in kids’ lunches. 1) I am amazed at the variety of foods that so many children eat. Jamie does not have this “willing to try new things” quality. 2) I am obsessed with lunchboxes. 3) I get jealous of really healthy, delicious, homemade lunches that kids get, and I like this because it makes me want to do better!

Lunchtime at Children’s House is busy. 20 kids eat lunch at the school and all of them pack them from home.

Can we start with the tables?


Adorable, 4-seater tables. The kids sit close together and share a space. They talk to each other and interact like friends should. Oh, and the centerpieces?


It’s like a home. I love that.

On to the lunches…

I found strawberries…


1/2 sandwich, banana, and chips…


sandwich, goldfish, and cucumber…




grapes, crackers, meat and cheese….


ham and cheese tortilla roll-up…


sandwich and banana (I love that he ate the middle and left the crusts!!)…

cheese and deli-sliced ham…


sandwich and rice crackers (I think that’s what those crackers are)…


bagel, yogurt and fruit snacks (there was deli meat there, too)…


and a Lunchables….


Overall, the lunches that the parents pack for their children are impressive.

At the beginning of the year, Ms. Megan really talked about food and put an emphasis on healthy snacks and lunches because it will help them concentrate and keep them healthy and energized throughout the entire day. I appreciate someone who cares enough about our kids to set guidelines for food and meals. I’ve talked about their snacks before and how they blow me away.  Did you also notice how they use real plates and cups and silverware?  Children’s House does not cut corners.  There is a reason for everything they do and it all centers around what is best for the children, not what is easiest for the teachers.

I love it.

Know what I don’t love?

Completely forgetting Jamie’s snack day.

And Ms. Megan and Ms. Dani are too nice — they didn’t say ONE thing to me about it. Jamie told me he loved snack today and that sent a message to my brain that, duh, today was his snack day!! I ran in to double check the calendar and sure enough, we missed it. I turned around and saw Ms. Dani and before I could say anything she said, “Oh don’t worry about it.”

We’ll get em next time.


1 thought on “Lunch at Children’s House

  1. Megan

    Thank you (again) for your support and enthusiasm for our school. The fact that a parent notices all the details and appreciates them makes me so happy.


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