Birthday Party Preparations: Part I

Today I got started on Maria’s birthday party favors. I love parties. LOVE them. One of my favorite parts of my kids’ parties is putting together favors.

It takes a lot of effort for parents to clear out time of their weekend schedules. To take their kid(s) to Wal-Mart or K-Mart or Costco or wherever to have their kids pick out a gift. To spend money on said gift. To take their kids to the party and then 2 short hours later, pick them up.

I appreciate that effort every time. And one way to show that we appreciate that effort is by putting together thoughtful favors!

One part of Maria’s favor box comes from Bakerella. I’ve been a fan of hers for quite some time. She’s adorable and she’s crafty. She also gives her recipes and ideas on her blog which I think is awesome. She’s not stingy.

So today I put together 15 “Cowgirl Cookie” jars.


It took way more time and patience than I thought it would.

First, the flour. I had to pat it down each time. I’m lucky I have a pretty small hand and wrist. It fit in there just right, but if you’ve ever tried to get flour packed down, you know it sucks.


Next, the oats.


Then came the M&Ms. I’m so dumb, I should have bought the pink ones when it was Valentine’s Day (because of course Maria’s colors for her party are pink and brown). But all they had at the store were the regular colors and Easter colors. It works.


Then chocolate chips.


Brown sugar.


White sugar.


Thank god, after all of that, the top goes on.


Now comes time for that beautiful horse fabric I got…..



I realize these aren’t the type of cookies you actually use cookie cutters with, but I tied the adorable horse cookie cutter to it anyway.


It took me way too long to make all those jars. Way. Too. Long. I should have waited for Cenone to get back from McCall and had her make 1/2 of them, but I got anxious for them to be done.

They do look awfully cute.


Stay tuned. This week will be full of party prep.


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