Friday Favorites

Where Children Sleep


This book by James Mollison is amazing. First, I am completely envious of his job. I would love, love, love to do this kind of photography and work. I once had a dream of taking on a project very similar to this, but have the focus on pregnant women and childbirth and show how different it is in different parts of the world. I might still do that, who knows. But anyway, this book is great. It is full of photographs of children along with their bedrooms. It gives a description of them, where they live, and why their rooms look the way they do. It’s a good reminder for anyone who thinks that their children need their very own bedrooms with a bed, desk, television, dressers, bedside tables, lamps, etc…..that all those things really are luxuries to many children around the world.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier

pioneer woman

I love the Pioneer Woman, this is no secret. Her food is home-cooked deliciousness and the pictures that show each step are helpful. Buy this book.



I don’t own photoshop. I prefer photos that are real and not manipulated. I don’t like having to hold a baby’s head a certain way then just ‘erasing’ the hands and chairs and supports away afterwards to make it look like they are creepily able to hold their heads up at 4 days old. Lightroom gives me just what I need for the style of photography I do: lighten it up, saturate the greens a bit (or blues or reds or yellows…), change the white balance, ta-da. Done. I found it easy to learn and the organization aspect of it is a major plus. It’s also way cheaper than PS.

Draw Something


Last night, Cenone texted me a picture and said, “This is what I sent to Dusty for ‘violin'” and it was a picture she drew on her ipad of a little girl playing the violin with “Maria Prasil” written at the top. I’m not sure that words are allowed in that game, but I didn’t say that. I did say, “What is this game?!” It looked AWESOME. So I downloaded it. And it is totally awesome. It’s like pictionary — you get a word and you have to draw it and then your opponent has to try and guess what it is. It can be a little embarrassing when your word is “Atlantis” and you try and draw an underwater city…then you wonder if you understand what Atlantis is, exactly. Maybe it’s not an underwater city at all and you have it all wrong. Or maybe you see the word “Android” and draw a fiery ball falling to the Earth. Oops. Asteroid. Not android. But even if it is a little embarrassing maybe, it’s awesome.

Kindle App


I love the Kindle app on ipad. It’s free.



Tuesday night, I ordered boots for Alice and Charlotte and a surfer swimsuit for Maria for her birthday. It came yesterday afternoon. Awesome.

Gilbert’s Steamery


This is our neighborhood coffee shop and I love it. They have a punchcard so if you buy 10 drinks, your 11th is free. They use a powder for their white chocolate mochas if you want, so when you get to the bottom, it’s extra delicious. And it’s cheaper than Starbucks.

Baby Fryes


Oh my gosh, my mommy friends. These might be the cutest things I have ever purchased for my under-one year old. And Cenone, I cannot wait for a baby girl of yours to be wearing these sweet hand-me-downs. Are they a little over-the-top? Maybe. $40 for a pair of cowboy booties that your baby will wear for maybe 3 months might be considered excessive, but I don’t even care. That might be the best $40 I have ever spent.

Happy Friday!


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