I love you because…


…you know who you are and you love what you love.

You have opinions about things. I love that. You don’t like to drink water from a certain cup because of the way it feels. You don’t like apples and if Maria is eating something with mayonnaise, you say, “Can you please not eat that? I don’t like the smell.” Sometimes it is frustrating and sometimes we don’t like it and we get annoyed…but we like it that you tell us how you feel and what you like.  If your friends are playing with action figures, but you’d rather build something with Legos, you build something with Legos (but you definitely don’t insist that they join you). I love that you aren’t afraid to be yourself. You don’t do things just because other people are doing them, and you don’t think things are ‘cool’ or ‘not cool’…things just are what they are. Either you like them or you don’t.


Tell me somethin' good.....

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