Books and Soccer

I love Christmas. And what sometimes feels like Christmas at our house?


When a new book order arrives from Children’s House Montessori.

Ooooooh I love getting new books. I thank my mom for that. She’s a librarian, you know. And because she loves books, I love books. And because I love books, the bookshelves in my home are full of books…not just picture frames and cute decorations. I love that my kids have a zillion books to choose from each night. And every couple months, we get a new bag of books from our order with Children’s House.


Ya know, good quality literature like Starlight and Best Friends Forever: Strawberry Shortcake. No, in all seriousness, as long as my kids like to read I don’t really care what they read. Because, honestly, I love a good vampire novel as much as the next 14 year old…

So while Alice caught up on the shenanigans of Strawberry Shortcake and pals…


…I got out all of the new fabric I bought today to make Maria’s birthday dress.


I’m totally kidding. I am not making a dress out of that horrible horse fabric. But I am using it for part of her birthday favors. They will go on top of the jars of the cookie mixes. Adorable. It is a horse-themed party after all.

Charlotte cruised around. She’s always cruising these days. Before I know it, she’ll start walking like her friend Lilly.


We hardly had time to enjoy our new books before we needed to leave to pick up Maria, visit Lala for a few, and take Jamie to soccer practice.


Oh, yes. He is playing soccer.


And he’s got moves like Pele. That’s for sure.


If Pele was a soccer star/fashionisto/hip hop dancer. Which I’m pretty sure he is? No? Well Jamie is.



He’s the cutest soccer boy I’ve ever seen, of that I’m quite certain.


Even if maybe he doesn’t quite get it.

[look on the far left…that’s him]

[he’s in the middle….sitting down…..]

Happy Tuesday!


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