Why Fences Are a Must

Having 4 kids is rough. For one, I’m always tired.

But I manage to judge jumping contests pretty fairly.




[an injury]

My helper judge isn’t so sure..

“Hmmm….this may lead to disqualification…”


“Nah, I’m just kiddin’.”

Jamie was not amused by any of this.


This child has had it. After having a week off from school and any activities, he is ready to break out. He’s been SO cranky (and I can’t blame him, it sucks being sick) and gives me this look 9 times out of 10. Even when he gets in on the jumping action.

[almost a full smile]

“Did you SEE that awesome jump?!”

Okay, so I have never done the quote captions for photos and I know why — they are totally lame. But she’s so cute, I had to somehow tie the pictures in with the jumping. I thought I could do it with captions.



But she doesn’t need captions, I guess.


Okay. So anyway. After a cranky morning full of whines and cries and lost privileges, we finally got Maria from school. The kids wanted to go play with Noah and Zachary from down the street, so Maria went to get them. She got back and only then did I put Alice’s shoes and jacket on to join them (because I don’t let her walk down the street with Maria alone. This statement will be funny here in a couple seconds, I promise.)

I put her shoes and jacket on and say, “You have to stay in our yard or the field, okay? Do not leave. Yes, mama?”

“Yes, mama. I not go. I stay at mine house.”

“Okay. Maria! Alice is coming out with you!”

And back inside I went to get the laundry out of the washing machine and into the dryer. Then I put the clothes from the dryer on my bed and started folding them.

Mid-laundry, I get a call from Anna.

“Do you know where your daughter is?”

I knew she meant Alice. And I knew exactly where she was.

See, the other day, Charlie walked up to my house. I called Anna and said, “Do you know Charlie is here?” She didn’t. I laughed, thought it was hilarious. And was secretly so happy that Alice hadn’t done that before.

But burst my smug bubble, Alice. My naughty little thing walked by herself all the way to Charlie’s house.  Charlie’s house is, maybe, 2 blocks away.  I can literally see the top of his house from my front door, so it’s not bad at all….but there is a street to cross.

I could have died. It was so horrible and so hilariously funny. Because it is SO Alice. And SO typical that it would happen to both Anna and me.

Having 4 kids is rough.

So Alice lost her playing outside privileges and will only be allowed enclosed in fences unless Danny or I am RIGHT THERE. Like literally watching her every minute. She screamed and cried and screamed some more. Very loudly.

Wish me luck for the rest of the evening.

And Maria….Maria got dressed up fancy because her bff Lydia is taking her out for birthday dinner.


Lydia is going on vacation for the next couple weeks and will be missing Maria’s party — but the sweet little thing still wanted to celebrate.


And Maria knows a special occasion when she sees one…and knows that party dresses are always appropriate. Even if you just wore it 2 days ago.



So cheers to Mondays coming to an end, daddies being home from work and party dresses. Cheers to birthdays and best friends. And most of all…cheers to fences keeping in 3 year olds.


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