Maria, the Violinist

Yesterday was a big day for Maria.

It was her first violin concert.


Sometimes, it’s hard to practice. When Jamie and Alice are outside playing and Maria gets called in to do her violin, sometimes there are tears. Sometimes we hear a, “I am not sure if violin is for me.” But we stick with it. Maria sticks with it.


And yesterday, she got to perform. But first….practice at home.

[could that dress be any sweeter? i scored it at La Boheme, a coffee shop in town that also sells vintage clothing. $9. I kid you not.]

She finally was ready. So was Alice, apparently.


So we picked up Lydia (it helps to have friends in the audience, I think) and headed to Wedgewood Terrace, an assisted living center. That’s where she performed.


She looked like a pro.


And all 5 ducks followed daddy duck in. They always look so funny.


And then it was time.



For her solo, she played “Mississippi Alligator” to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle” — she nailed it. Even when Betty jumped in with harmony.



She did so wonderfully and we couldn’t have been more proud.

Alice, on the other hand…..had to go potty 5 times, felt like she needed to sit in the wheelchair, and may have consumed her weight in cookies.


But that’s okay.



2 thoughts on “Maria, the Violinist

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    That dress is to die for. She looked amazing and I’m sure that she sounded amazing as well. She is getting so big. Congrats!


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