Friday Favorites

Martha Stewart Products


My friend Angie pulled up next to me at 3:00 school pick-up. “Have you been to Staples lately?” No, I hadn’t. Well she let me in on the new line they have.

I, my friends, am slightly obsessed with office products. Cute ones. File folders, yes. Pens, absolutely. Labels, duh. The new Martha Stewart/Avery line at Staples forced me into buying a binder and accessories. I divided that binder up with adorable dividers. I threw in a calendar set. I even bought sticky labels for jam I may or may not someday make. Love.

What’s Gnu?

whats gnu

This game is awesome. It’s perfect for early readers, like Jamie, who know letter sounds and are just starting to really get the hang of putting them together.

Strawberry Newtons


I really dislike fig newtons. Gross. But strawberry newtons? I could eat them all day long.

H & M


Zara is my favorite clothing place. After that, though, is H & M. For kids and adults. For one, I scored 4 adorable dresses for my girls at $4.95 each. Yes, you read that correctly, $5 each. They are sweet cotton playdresses that are perfect for the summer. Jamie scored a rain/windbreaker for $12. A 2-pack of t shirts for $9. I got a shirt for $12. I love H & M.

The Descendants.


I love, love LOVE this movie. It’s heartbreaking and funny. The soundtrack is perfect. George Clooney rocks. I just loved it.

Bar Americain.


I mean…I don’t mean to brag, but….I totally hit up Bobby Flay’s restaurant in New York City. And I was very, very pleased. My brussels sprouts were to die for and the french onion soup was almost as good as my dad’s. And I have just a little crush on Bobby. NBD.

Nordstrom BP Cami


I will write an entire post about breastfeeding soon…but I don’t like nursing bras and tanks. They don’t fit right and are usually uber expensive. I do, though, LOVE these camis. They are barely over $10 and come in tons of colors. They are long so they peek out under shirts (which I happen to like) but have no seams across the chest, so they are smooth under shirts, too. I can pull it down and nurse Charlotte discreetly any time, any place. Unless in front of Cenone or my parents or Leann or my kids or Danny….then I’m not so discreet and I’ll just whip it out. But for the rest of you…you have BP camis to thank.


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