Sicky McGee and Ginger Surprises

Jamie’s still pretty sick.

Last night around 6:00 I took his temperature because he was acting especially sick.

103.2. And he complained that his ear hurt. And his tummy. And his head. And his legs.

I took him in.

At the clinic, his temp was 103.9 and they ran a strep test. Negative. She said it was probably influenza and he might get a bit worse before he gets better. She said not to worry to much about forcing him to take tylenol as long as he is sleeping and drinking fluids.


His eyes are bloodshot, I think from throwing up last night. He threw up bright yellow nastiness. And he hasn’t even really eaten in the last 3 days and you can tell. My tiny boy needs some meat on him.

But he manages a smile still.


Luckily, his lashes haven’t suffered.


We packed up the baby…


…got the kids in the car, and took all the girls to school.

We borrowed a book from Lala’s library and curled up in bed and read.


Oh, Piggie and Gerald. We love them.



But we love pigeon more. Can you find him? It’s our favorite part…the very end…


…we found him.


We agreed that it’s pretty silly for Pigeon to be eating a hamburger, not to mention eating a hamburger IN A NEST!!!

But he was feeling very tired and curled up a little tighter and watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates.



So while he was resting, I went to get the mail. What did I receive? Only the best surprise ever.


That, my friends, is a ginger mix tape. Or CD. But mix tape sounds better.

Sent by one of my favorite red-heads…Megan.


I do love a good mix tape.


1 thought on “Sicky McGee and Ginger Surprises

  1. ehollingshead

    He was happy as a clam tonight! And no puking (that was another kid… onto the carpet… I think he was crying so hard he vommed… no sickness) I was glad to see him and after we discussed manners before dinner time, he informed me that he always says please before asking for pizza. I had a blast with your kiddos (as usual) tonight!


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