Today, the kids dressed for success.

No, not really. We just dressed like normal. Except for Jamie.


He is still pretty sick. He has a 102 fever and has been coughing non-stop all night and this morning. Poor bub.


Charlotte has a bit of a stuffy nose, but nothing I’m too concerned about. She wore a Naartjie kids top and matching leggings. We love Naartjie.


Oh, and a Sprinkles for Sprouts headband of course.


Maria wore Zara. Currently, Zara is my favorite clothing brand. Both for the kids and myself, I just love all their stuff. I got my Zara fill in NYC, so the kids scored big. Anyway, she wore a Zara dress, A RL sweater (given to us by a friend) and her Nordy’s boots.


“Here, mom, get a picture of my almost falling….” Because she’s a supermodel like that.


And Miss Alice. Ohhhhhh Alice. She wore a Gap top that used to be Maria’s and Old Navy brown pants. And hair as wild as lions in Africa.


She’s so cute.


Today we are just lounging at home. My poor baby boy is sick and feels just miserable. “I want to go to school, mom. There is science at school. I think you should call Ms. Megan and tell her I will be there tomorrow.” He’s missing Hip Hop dance class, too. He does not like to be sick, but unfortunately, he’s my sickest kid. His body just fights everything off, a little too hard. Poor thing.

He’s requested spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, so off I go to, maybe, make homemade meatballs. But maybe Costco…


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