When Alice says she’s hungry, I don’t really hop-to….


…because she is always hungry. I’m serious, she will always say she’s hungry no matter what.

But this kid?


Not so much. And when he is hungry, it’s not really for anything substantial…something to get him through to the next meal. So when he asked for spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, I made sure that’s what my sick boy got.

So I went into the pantry and got the spaghetti.

Then I opened the freezer expecting to see a Costco bag of meatballs. But there were none.

Luckily, Danny bought 1/2 a cow with Andy, so we had meat in our freezer. I followed this recipe and made delicious meatballs. I love Pioneer Woman (and I just preordered her new book!)

I chopped some garlic and onion.


I got the tomatoes all ready (I didn’t have whole tomatoes, but that’s okay).


I mixed meatball ingredients together and formed disgusting little balls.


And then I browned them.


I cooked the onion and garlic…


Played a little Toy Story…


Dumped the tomatoes, sugar, salt and parsley in with the onions and garlic and I let it simmer for a bit. Then I added the meatballs and let them cook for 30 minutes in the sauce. And afterwords…I was done. Homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs.


This little girl loved it:


But Jamie? He fell asleep and slept until it was time to get Maria (from 12:00 until 2:45!)

My poor boy.

But there was a bright spot in my day today…


Yes. The Ashley English books I ordered arrived. Oooooh I love her. She is the author of Simple-Measure and she is really cool. And her books rock. So this evening, after I make dinner, I might cozy up with a book about chickens. Or bees. Or canning. Man, my life is WIIIIIILD.


1 thought on “Meatballs

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    I LOVE the fact that you are moving to a farm (hopefully.) It sounds so adventurous and exciting. I can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll tell, and see the pictures you’ll take. You are amazing!


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