Home Sweet Home

Yesterday was a long day. LOOOOOOOONG day.

I woke up at 1:30am Lewiston time to head to the airport. Charlotte and I checked our things (I packed an extra bag to carry back all our NYC goods) and headed to gate 14, the gate that the giant readerboard told me to go to if I wanted to go to Salt Lake City at 7:00am. So here I go, headed to gate 14 with Charlotte in the stroller, my giant carry on over one shoulder, Charlotte’s blanket (a big one) and my coat over my arm and my other carry on in the crease of my elbow. I looked pretty hysterical.

So we get there, right? We get there and we sit down, in between an older woman and her mother (an older, older woman) and a group of business men. They are all speaking Spanish, which I don’t think is that weird. I try really hard to listen in on what they’re saying, but they were speaking way too fast for my rusty Spanish brain to try and translate accurately. Something about money and how NYC was a lot more expensive than home. So anyway, boarding time comes and goes. I’m thinking the plane is just delayed. I look around and realize every single person is speaking Spanish. ALL of them.  And, I’m the fairest person by far in the group, which usually isn’t so.   I look at Charlotte and say, “Let’s go figure this out.”   So we did.


I realize now I should have said, “Vamos,” just to keep cool, but I didn’t.

Uhhhhh, we almost went to Santiago, Chile.

I booked it as fast as I could to gate 1 (thanks a lot giant readerboard) where they were paging a “Mary Pray-sull”. Imagine me running with all my crap. Hilarious. So anyway, the cranky desk lady told me I needed to hurry because they had to take off. Well no duh. We hurried and made it to our seat. Phew.

We got to SLC just in time to board the other plane.

And finally…..we were home.


I think Charlotte was very happy to be home with her kids. And I certainly was.

I fell asleep a little after 7:30 and slept until 7. Well, kind of. Charlotte was a little off and ended up nursing 3 times, but I went back to sleep really easily each time. And Danny is a saint and doesn’t flinch when he has to get up to get her each time and then take her back. He’s the best.

This morning we woke up to get ready for school and Jamie looked like this:


My poor sick boy. He has a fever of 102 and a cough and his little body fights things off like crazy. Which I guess is a good thing, but it means he feels miserable for a day or 2 until the bug is gone. AND it means he missed his first soccer practice. His first practice ever. He took 2 naps today and hardly ate a thing…and then threw it up. Ugh.

But luckily I was home to snuggle him.

I’m happy for the routine to be back. I’m happy to have to make a few lunches in the morning…


…and get the kids up and ready for school. To do grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning. I don’t mind it.

I had an absolutely amazing time in New York. I ate some of the most delicious food, saw some of the most amazing art, learned about incredible animals and people and cultures, and got to visit one of my best friends (yes, Patrick) and hang out with Charlotte, just the 2 of us (we don’t get much baby-mama time).

But I’m happy to be home.


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