It’s Wednesday again.  It seems like Wednesday comes around often — like every 7 days or so.  Weird.



Today Maria wore Vigoss jeans from Costco, brown Ugg knockoffs from Costco, a Mini Boden top (new this spring…so cute), and a Gap Kids sweater. Adorable and sweet.



Perry the platypus from Disneyland, Levis and green Pumas. Who doesn’t love Perry?



Along with sporting the evil eye, Alice wore a Zara shirt, a black skirt from Uncle Alex (who is her godfather…one of them) and Target shoes.

And finally…



She wore Old Navy jeans, a Peek top (“The World is Amazing, Beautiful, Wonderful, Incredible and Totally Fabulous” which it really is), a baby Boden cardigan and PediPed shoes.

They all looked extraordinary.

Today I did the last of my packing. For Charlotte and I, all our clothes are in a carry-on. Her baby food, books, my makeup, my wallet, and any little extras are in my giant weekender diaper bag. Oh, and her diapers are in the carry-on. I’m also taking her carseat (for the taxi ride to and from) and an umbrella stroller. I’ll be packed down, that’s for sure. I’m lucky Charlotte is such a good baby. It’ll be great.

I leave tomorrow at 5:30am and get to NYC at 3:30 pm. It’s an awesome flight. This weekend the kids have a lot going on — a play for Maria (well 2 actually), birthday party, they are going to dan’s cousin’s house, school, work…..a lot. Dan’s the best. One of the reasons he is the best is because he humors me. Both he and I know that he would do just fine without any typed out instructions. Without specific outfits laid out for the kids for each day I’m gone. Without a list of lunch items. But he lets me do it and acts like I’m doing him a favor.

He could have easily picked out pants and a shirt for each of them. He also could have packed them each a lunch.

But I know I will feel a lot better being on the other side of the country, knowing that Maria is wearing her polka dot sweater and that Alice has on her brown boots. That Jamie is eating his deli meat and bagel and that they will be waking up at 7:00am on the dot.

Can you tell I’m a little nervous leaving? Just a tad.


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