A Little Spokane Adventure

On Sunday night, I texted Cenone and told her I needed some fashion for NYC, and would she like to go with me to Spokane tomorrow (which would be Monday)?   I knew it was last minute, but I was hoping she would say yes.

I had Nordy’s returns…and I also had 3 kids.  Kids who only a few people would feel comfortable enough to help to the bathroom, change diapers, scold if they were being sassy, and pick up and carry as often as needed.  One of the few is Cenone.  Thank God for Cenone.

We headed up right after we dropped Ria off at school.


Alice did not wear a pullup.  And stayed dry the entire day.  Big deal, worth noting.


Anyway, we got to Nordstrom, I made some returns, got a few shirts for Jamie (he has no hand-me-downs from older brothers like Alice has from older sister, Ria).  Then we had lunch at the food court.


Really, it was more of a step-lunch for the kids.

If you don’t know, step-lunch is what Jamie calls a small meal before the real deal. If you have a waffle but then later have eggs and toast, the waffle is your step-breakfast. If you have a pb sandwich but then later have steak and rice for dinner, the pb is your step-dinner. I don’t know…don’t ask.


After the step-lunch, we hit up William-Sonoma. I do love WS.

[we got the Snow White cupcake decorating kit for Sophie, Maria’s friend, whose birthday is this weekend]

“You may look. But don’t touch a thing.”


[she had a hard time following the don’t touch rule.]

Thanks to a few of the returns I made at Nordstrom, I got to splurge on some really delicious sauces…


I am in love with their pasta sauces and simmering sauces. I also tried the mac-n-cheese starter….we’ll see.

We scored big at baby Gap, too. An adorable swimsuit for Alice. A couple outfits for Charlotte.

But Target? Target is the best. Maria hit the jackpot there. A couple dresses and adorable shorts. A pair of shoes and yummy snacks for her lunches.

It was a productive shopping trip…even though I came away with only teal skinny pants for NYC. That’s okay. That’s fashion enough. Right?


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