Last night, Danny and I went up to Moscow and had the luxury of eating at Nectar.

I say luxury because if Dan and I go out to eat, it’s pretty much a 1 1/2 hour limit. We’ve certainly never ventured to Moscow for a bite to eat since having Charlotte. But last night we did it.


Dan was driving…so his face was trying to be both photogenic and safe and attentive.  Mission accomplished.

If you look closely, you’ll see my hair is curled. And I have eye makeup on [okay, maybe you can’t tell, but it totally is and I totally do]. Like I said…it was a big night.

I am friends with a girl who is good friends with a girl who’s family has Nectar. So basically, what I’m getting at here is that I am best friends with the owner.


Nectar is delicious. The atmosphere is perfect. It’s small and cute but also super cool and fun. The bar is right there as you walk in, which is where Dan and I had to sit because it was so crowded. But we didn’t care at all. We watched as all the salads and appetizers and desserts were being made.

[meat and cheese platter]

We started with the cheese platter. There was a port wine cheese, camembert, and a hard cheese (clearly I need to brush up on my cheeses) and then a honeycomb full of honey. Okay, so I don’t really know if it was technically a honeycomb, but it was honey that still had the wax hexagons attached. I asked the girl (who was super cute and nice and holy cow did she work her butt off) where they got their honey.

I should knows this since me and the owners are basically bffs (by association), but they are beekeepers. Yes, she told me they keep their own bees.

[that’s how I felt when I learned that these people not only own and run a ridiculously delicious and fun restaurant, but they also are beekeepers. BEEKEEPERS!]

After devouring the cheese, bread and honey platter, we ordered dinner. I ordered chicken that arrived on a bed of veggies: tiny potatoes and baby carrots.  I don’t order chicken from restaurants.  I don’t know why, I just don’t.  So you know that if I ordered it here, I had an inkling it’s be really good.  They were all covered in a really delicious white wine sauce. OHHHHHH my goodness delicious. Danny had sturgeon on a bed of forbidden rice. Also crazy-delicious. All their food is always so good.

The whole time, we watched desserts being made.


This girl was always busy. She was in charge of making all the salads, putting together all the appetizers and getting all the desserts together. The 3 servers would hand her tickets left and right and while she was making all the food, she also had to determine which ticket was in which server’s handwriting and then call their name when their food was ready to be served.

What she was making in that picture was a flourless chocolate cake with caramel sauce and whipped cream. I’m not such a chocolate fan, so I chose the vanilla bean creme brulee.


I am always a creme brulee fan.

Danny chose the ginger-pear cobbler.


Pretty much, we had a fabulous night.


2 thoughts on “Nectar

  1. Jilly

    Brett Woodland owns nectar, his parents are my godparents so I grew up with them and used to help them collect honey as I got older. Nectar is so great, I have a few friends who are chefs there, I am passing on the word that you enjoyed it 🙂 Next time you are both on the Palouse you have to try Black Cyprus in Pullman!


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