Mommy Time

Mommy time is the phrase that means, “I’m leaving the kids and doing something for myself.”

Sometimes that means going out with friends. Sometimes it means grocery shopping by myself.

Today, it meant packing the kids up and taking them to Lala’s so I could get my hair cut.




They were excited (they always are when we load up to go to Lala’s house) and hopped in the car. Maria had school so it was just the younger 3.

We got there and Charlotte immediately crawled to the animal basket.

[one of these things doesn’t belong…]

She dove right in.




[her chocolate eyes are too much]


And I left. I went to Tara to get my hair cut. I need fashion for my NYC trip — and that includes a haircut. I’ve been sporting the long-hair, bangs growing out look for too long. I cut bangs (blunt bangs right above my eyebrows) and got a few layers in the back. Drastic? Not in the least. But enough that it makes me feel a tad fashion. Like 1/8th fashion. On Tuesday I go in for color. I realize pink and blue might not be fashion, but it’s totally me so that’s what I’m getting. More pink and blue strands.

And while I was getting my hair cut, I had time to think about Maria’s birthday party. Favors, decor….last minute things. Things that, if I don’t get started on them soon, I will spend too much time on them. I need bandanas and cowgirl hats. New boots for Maria (her gift). Food for the kids to eat and maybe a game or 2. And a CD full of country songs, “Hoedown Throwdown” being #1.

It’s party season.


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