We’ll start with the tiniest of fashionistas. Charlotte.



Today Miss Charlotte wore a Peek Little Peanuts long sleeved shirt and Old Navy jeans. Basic but adorable and cute. She ripped her headband right off, by the way. We did try and accessorize.




Alice wore a Mini Boden long sleeve t-shirt under a Gap Kids short sleeved hoodie and striped leggings. Oh, and adorable brown boots.




Jamie wore a Peek shirt and Old Navy jeans. But let’s not forget his shoe choice. One red and one blue Croc. Ridiculous. And a battle I didn’t want to fight.




Maria wore Mini Boden skinny jeans, a top from Macy’s and Nordstrom shoes.

The wind almost blew us over today, can you tell? It’s been windy all day long — it’s 4:10pm and it’s still going strong!

Alice has been in big-girl undies for 3 days now with ZERO accidents. I’m not kidding you.

We have gotten ZERO calls on our house. No one has wanted to look. I am anxious, but know that it’s been on the market less than a week and hasn’t even been on the realtor’s tour yet (when all the valley realtors check out new listings). That comes on Tuesday and I think after that, along with this week of advertising we’ll get some people interested.

Today is also Ash Wednesday. Why yes….I did go to Mass today. So did my 3 youngest children who were so loud and naughty in the children’s room that the very nice and quiet 4 year old and her mama decided to leave the quiet room. Quiet room is a lie. It’s never quiet.

So with a giant black smudge on my forehead, I’m ready for Lent. What am I going to give up? I’m not sure yet. I’ll think about it and get back to you.


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