The Raptor Club

Can I start out this post by mentioning how awesome it is that we have a raptor club nearby? And then how equally awesome it is that Ms. Megan got them to come down to Chidlren’s House for a special demonstration? It’s so awesome.


I don’t know why, but saying “Raptor Club” makes me laugh. It shouldn’t. But it does.

Okay, time to get serious. The WSU Raptor Club totally came to Children’s House today and it was a blast.

The girls were so great.


The kids were beyond interested in the birds.


Raptors are birds of prey with sharp talons who kill their food. I think? That’s what I remember from the presentation. Along with a lot of other facts, like how this horned owl…


….is named Sprite and only weighs a few pounds. He doesn’t eat a lot of mice because they are pretty small for him. He prefers larger animals like maybe rabbits and big rats. Probably cats. They didn’t say that, but I’m guessing Sprite has enjoyed a few cats in his day. He is up at WSU with the Raptor Club because he got hit by a car and hurt his wing.

So did this little tiny guy:



He’s a Western Screech Owl. He weighs 1/2 pound and eats little mice…about 1 a day.


The kids were so awesome. You could tell they had been learning about these types of birds and had really great questions.


And lots of hilarious “questions” like, “My sister hurt her ankle. Like that owl hurt his wing.” or “That’s a tiny owl that looks like a baby owl.” I love little kids. But this group of kids especially because they were so polite.

Most of them.

One child said, “Can we move on to the next bird now?”

I mean…seriously. That kid’s parents must not teach him patience and proper manners, right? Psh.

Oh, wait. That was Jamie.. He totally pulled out the ‘lets get this show on the road’ hint. So rude. I shushed him as quickly as I could and he shot me an evil eye. He didn’t know I was there until he heard me very loudly whisper, “Jamie! huh uh….” Oh, Jamie….

But they did move on to the next bird.


A hawk. Actually, a red tailed hawk (I think that was the name?). He was really huge. Oops, I mean she. Her name was Brenda.

Yes, Brenda. I love it.


We are so lucky that Jamie gets to do and see these really fun things! I’m not sure I would have ever known there was a Raptor Club at WSU (and I certainly wouldn’t have tried to find out if there was one) if Ms. Megan hadn’t brought them to the school.

Hooray for the Raptor Club!!


3 thoughts on “The Raptor Club

  1. Animus

    Ha ha, what a cute article! Though as a member of the Raptor Club, I feel inclined to tell you that owls generally avoid cats- in a fight between an owl and cat, the cat would probably win!

    Also, the first time I told my friends back home that I was in the Raptor Club they all went, “Raptors?” and made little dinosaur hands.

  2. Sarah

    That is so cool! Seriously! Dominic would have loved to have gotten to see something so neat as that! Seriously, can you be my mom. 🙂

  3. Megan

    Ruthie… you rock. Thank you thank you thank you for your constant support of the school. This post made me laugh and kind of tear up. Possibly one of the most bittersweet moments of my day was just as I was about to leave my office for the night I happened to look over and notice a picture I’ve had hanging up in my various office areas for three years now. It is a picture of Cody (one of the gals today) holding Sprite in my classroom in Pullman. And it made me smile. Thank you for capturing new memories for me. You are awesome and I am grateful to have you in my life… and Jamie;)


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