When life gives you best friends…

….roast marshmallows and hot dogs.


Even when it’s super cold outside.


Our house has been the location for many a playdates this week. Probably because I’m the meanest mom ever and I won’t let my kids walk to other people’s houses and hang out inside. I’ve got a 2 year old who would follow them and squeal if she couldn’t join in. I don’t like my 2 year old to be sad so I say, “If they want to play, they can come play here.”

Luckily, they did want to play.

We roasted some goodies.


AND we were fashion.


Because that’s how we roll.

Jamie was very sad. It’s hard to be a big boy sometimes when you just want to cry because you can’t sit next to both of your friends. He tried so hard not to cry. But this kid couldn’t hold it in. The tears flowed.


But we got it all worked out and there was a spot for all.

And the mallow roasting commenced.



Alice gazed at Wyatt the whole time. Wyatt MIGHT be her favorite person in the universe.


Danny was the fire chief. He looks unhappy here, but he loved the whole roasting party.


Okay, maybe not so much. But Danny’s a trooper and made it fun.



And the great thing about giant marshmallows on a stick?

They can make even the saddest boy happy.


Hope you had a wonderful week and enjoy your President’s Day…as for us? We’re going to bake some bread and play with friends. And as Jamie put it…

“Maria doesn’t have school? I LOVE the presidents!!”


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