The Baby Girls

When the big kids go to school, it’s just me and my baby girls at home.

We do a lot of dressing up.


Well, Alice does.


We do exploring.


We do a lot of talking. Alice is quite conversational.



Charlotte and I make sure we listen and laugh at all of her jokes. She has lots.


We cruise around the rooms. We show off how big we are.


We get every single window as dirty as possible.


We are silly and fun and we sometimes terrorize the dogs. But we think they secretly love it.



Clearly we don’t care about what our hair looks like and we aren’t too concerned about fashion when we are just hanging out at home.



But we have the best time. Alice helps with Charlotte. Charlotte is as happy as can be. They are okay with packing up to get kids from school, go grocery shopping or picking up toys. Alice doesn’t whine too much and she says please and thank you and gives me a zillion I love yous.

We miss the big kids when they are at school, there’s no doubt about that.  But sometimes it’s nice to just be home with my baby girls.


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