Friday Favorites

Vicky the Cow


Wyatt gave Charlotte this cow and it’s pretty awesome. The little pig inside pulls out and it vibrates. It’s colorful and cute and Charlotte LOVES it!!

Magic Erasers

magic erasers

I am cleaning my house like you wouldn’t believe. I am kind of in love with Magic Eraser. Be careful on paint, though, because if you are an especially vigorous cleaner, the paint might wear off.

Sanuk Shoes


Comfortable. Can wear in the water. Hippy-cute.

Frommer’s New York


In 2 weeks I will be hanging out in New York city, probably setting up playdates with Suri and Apple and all kinds of famous kids. Thank goodness I have this guide to help me find restaurants and shopping places.



Costco has broccolini right now in their giant fridge and we love it. Salt, pepper, and a little garlic. Mmmmm.

Cori Dantini


I’ve shared her here before, but I’m doing it again. We have this exact print in our kitchen and I adore it. It is whimsical and cute, but goes so well with all our other stuff. It’s not too loud and I love it.

Muck Boots


For Valentine’s Day, Danny got me a pair of black Muck Boots. I’m so excited to get them muddy and wet. They’re comfortable and awesome.

Skinny Girl Lipgloss


I love lipgloss. This is no secret. This SkinnyGirl lipgloss that Alicia gave me is awesome. It’s tingly and sparkly, but just enough…and I love the taste of it. I lick my lips over and over.


I came across this blog a while ago and I love it. Ashley (the author) is cute and funny and her pictures are awesome. I love her whole approach to life.

Happy Friday!


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