Another installment of WthWW. Featuring the cutest kids in America. Actually, they are the cutest kids in the world.




Today, Charlotte wore one of my favorites: a simple Peek “Little Peanuts” dress with Peek leggings. It looks super comfortable, so I think she likes it. I actually don’t know, she might hate it. But I love it.




Maria wore a Mini Boden top (I love their tops) and Old Navy pants with her trusty cowgirl boots.



Jamie also wore a Mini Boden top and Old Navy jeans and (my personal favorite) Vans superhero slipons.

And last but not least…



Alice was in rare form this morning. She would have rather stayed home and slept I think.

She wore my cousin Abbey’s hand-me-down Baby Gap outfit….from 2001. How adorable is it? It is very toddler. Oh, and her hair? Alice’s hair is not fashion….I know this. It’s flowing free today.


Today the baby girls and I did the morning school drop-off. Then we went to Hailey’s office to sign a birthday card for Cenone (we went in on a gift for her) and to visit her and Tara (WTWW….hailey wore brown dress pants and a top with a brown jacket and tara wore grey pants with a white ruffle-y top….they are always fashion). Then we dropped off some papers. Then we came home and I did some cleaning.

Why all the cleaning?

We listed our house today. Yup.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

Oh…..and happy birthday to one of my very favorites in the entire world…CENONE!


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