Happy Valentine’s Day

If Charlotte was a boy, her name was going to be Valentine Clayton Prasil. I love the name Valentine. I think “Tiny” as a nickname would have been the cutest. But instead of Valentine, we got Charlotte, and that is just as perfect.

I love Valentine’s Day. Love, love, love it. I think people who complain about it, talk about how it’s just a “Hallmark” holiday and who are big babies are annoying and should find someone to love. Because Valentine’s Day rocks.


We wake up with gifts. Because any excuse to give gifts is taken advantage of by me.




I received a gift as well…


“frum children”….melt.


I used to think homemade cards were lame. That parents only said they prefer them because they were supposed to say that. But now I’m here…I”m a mama….and it’s true. Homemade cards beat storebought ones every time. Take that, all you Hallmark Holiday haters.

And school Valentine’s Day parties? The best.

For the past few years (BEFORE Pinterest, let me please make that known) I’ve done these types of Valentines:



Little baggies full of treats with cardstock folded over the top. This year it was marshmallows and toys. They turned out so cute!

I got the girls’ tutus from my friend Taunia who owns “Grams Girls Boutique.” They’re pretty adorable.


[all we need is love]

And my baby’s first Valentine’s Day. A big deal.


And thanks to Cenone who outfitted Charlotte with that adorable shirt.


I added a touch of pink, too. Because you should always try to wear something pink or red on Valentine’s Day.


Who has the best friends ever? I do.

Alicia gave me Skinny Girl lip gloss. I heart lip gloss.


I took the kids to school, went and took pictures for a friend, and then went back to Ria’s school to take some shots for her school’s blog I’m running:


Check it.

And then I went to Jamie’s school where Valentine’s Day had hit hard:






I just love teachers who care enough to make things really fun. Even if it means a ton more work for them. We are lucky.

And I spied Jamie playing with his friend outside…


He comes home dirty from school almost everyday with sand in his pockets…and I love it.

We got home and Jamie could hardly wait to dive into his Valentine’s Day treats.

Homemade crayons? Awesome.


He got so many cute, fun cards.


And Alice and her delicious lashes joined in.




And Valentine’s Day is the best. I don’t care if you are single. You can love your mom and dad. You can love your kids. You can love your neighbor or friend or even your dog. I love lots of things.

Danny. I love Danny because he is kind and patient and creative. He is hilarious and fun and thoughtful. He is respectful and generous and so smart.  I feel crazy lucky to have him and cannot imagine a life without Danny.

My kids. I love my kids because they are happy. They laugh and smile and kiss and hug and run and play and make my every day wonderful.

My mom. I love my mom because she supports me. She loves my children more than I thought anyone could (besides me and Danny). She is generous and forgiving. She has an open mind and does not judge. She listens to me when I need her to and tells me what I need to hear.

My dad. I love my dad because he would do anything for us. I’m serious. Anything. I could be in the orchards with not enough money to buy a treat and he would be in a meeting and if I called him and told him I was in a pickle and needed $5 for an ice cream, I bet you anything he’d come and give me $5. He’d build a retaining wall for us if we wanted (because he did once). He’d let us borrow anything and everything he owned. He loves my kiddies like crazy. And he’s pretty funny.

Cenone and Andy. I love Cenone because she’s one person who really gets me. I can tell her anything and she totally knows what I mean…if it’s supposed to be funny, she’ll laugh. If I tell her I think I have elbow cancer, she’ll tell me I don’t and why. If I go a day without BBMing her, I feel weird. She loves my kids and would do anything for them or us. She’s fun and hilarious and generous. Andy is wonderful. He is a great compliment to her. He is a really great friend who would help out with anything if we needed him. He is so good to Cenone, which is important.  If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be on this list.

Hailey. I love Hailey because she is hilarious. I laugh every time I talk to her. She is fun and I’m not sure I know any girl who is lower-drama than Hailey. A really REALLY good quality.

Leann and Jessica. I love these girls. I have been friends with them for so long for obvious reasons. They are fun and we laugh so much when we are together. If we go weeks without talking, but then see or talk to each other, it’s like no time has gone by and that’s rare to have with someone.

Those are only a few of the people I love. I could go on and on. Jamie’s teachers. Love them — they are such great teachers and really funny, fun, kind friends too. Maria’s teacher. Love her. My in-laws. Love ’em. My friends Alex and Joe and Paige and Joey and Tom and Doug. Love them. I love people who aren’t here anymore like my Grandma and my Grandpa and Clay. I think of them with really great memories.  And even though they aren’t here physically, I love them.

See? Valentine’s Day rocks.



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