Garage Cleanout

Last weekend was a lot of fun — on Friday, Danny and I went to the indoor shooting range and shot some zombies.

Saturday we had the Pepsi holiday party.

And Sunday…..we cleaned out our garage.

garage cleanout-2

It’s clean.

garage cleanout-3

And the kids played ALL day long.

garage cleanout-6
[how awesome is that racecar driver costume?!]

garage cleanout-11

It was perfect bikeriding weather.

garage cleanout-14

Alice cannot ever be left out of any big girl activities. And when she is? There are squeals. No, not squeals….screams. We try to really accommodate Miss Alice because no one likes the screams. I’m not sure that’s the best parenting…

garage cleanout-18

garage cleanout-23

And while the kids created a worm habitat…

garage cleanout-25

…Daddy and Mama took apart the mini ramp.

garage cleanout-35

So. Many. Screws.

garage cleanout-36

We just took it apart and put it in storage. Maybe one day it’ll get put back together and I can shred it up like P-Rod. Oh you don’t know who P-Rod is? You must not be a gnarly skater like me. It’s okay.

And inside, Phineas and Leo kept Princess Alice company while she enjoyed a snack.

garage cleanout-44

garage cleanout-45

I heard lots of conversations between the 2:

“Bye, Leo.”
“Bye, Phineas. I go to mama’s house. Bye.”
“Okay, honey….Leo. Have fun.”

She’s so cute.

And later that night we went to Abbey and Nate’s to celebrate a couple birthdays. Nate’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day (awesome) and Abbey’s was on Saturday. So I thought I was a genius. Because what do you get a 21 year old? Booze, obviously. But I didn’t think his mother would appreciate that. So I went with a Duck Hunter game. One where you shoot a duck and it flies around and you shoot it with a laser. So cool. So he opens it up….and the duck is broken. What a lame gift. So I’m going to search online and find a replacement duck.

And Abbey got cute pj shorts and a tank. They are probably so uncool to a 14 year old, but gift cards are super boring and she can always exchange them if she wants.

And today? Today I am finishing up the kids’ Valentines which are so adorable. I’m cleaning up the downstairs. I’m blogging. I’m doing laundry.


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