Friday Favorites


It’s no secret that I have worry and anxiety issues. Thank goodness for my mom who understands and for Christmas got me this:


Mine is actually silver and cooler. But it’s a hand held labrynth that you trace with a little pen. Labrynths are calming and meditative. I love it.



Have I shared yet that we are getting chickens? We are. We are buying chickens and keeping them in our garage for a while before they are big enough to go to the chicken coop. I have been diving in to many books about chickens. The Joy of Keeping Chickens….Chickens for Dummies….Encyclopedia of Chickens….I have purchased many books on Amazon about chickens and I love them. How weird, right? I never would have thought I would be interested in keeping chickens, but I cannot wait.

Lofthouse Cookies.


Holy softness. These cookies are so delicious. My children agree.

Chooka Rain Boots

rain boots

A couple years ago, Cheri got me a pair of Chooka Rain Boots for my birthday. I love them! Mine are exactly like the ones pictured but purple. They are perfect for wearing in the rain. They are perfect for the mud. With warm socks, they even work in the snow (I should know, I wore them last weekend to McCall). I get lots of compliments on my purple rain boots…I love them.

Valentine’s Day


Everyone loves someone. If you really truly don’t love one person, that is very sad — I’m serious. Everyone should love and be loved. Valentine’s Day is such a wonderful day. I don’t care that flower business and restaurants and card people make tons off of this holiday. I think it’s awesome that a whole day is dedicated to celebrating those we love. Our kids, our spouses, our significant others, our parents, our cousins, our friends…I love it.

And Cenone’s birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day. Double awesome.

Prana Headbands.


I like anything Prana, actually. But these headbands are my favorite. I have about 5 colors and want 5 more. They are super lightweight and the only headbands that don’t give me a headache. They are cute and they keep short bangs back along with longer ones (because of the 2 bands). And what’s better is that they only cost around $7. REI.


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