Big News

Oh, my.

You guys have no idea the news we have here at our house.

No, I did not get asked to be a writer for a travel magazine in which all our expenses would be paid for 4-times-a-year family vacations to tropical getaways.  Hopefully that will come later…

….but yes.  Alice did get the many hints about proper bathroom procedures and has decided it’s much better to use a toilet than to use a diaper/pullup.  Because let’s be honest…pullups are just diapers for big kids.  Not cool.


Yep, this fashionista is now becoming much more fashionable. She went potty in the big girl potty. #1 and #2. While normally, bathroom talk is totally inappropriate, in the case of potty training it is 100% acceptable. Alice used the potty BY HERSELF for the past 2 days. Yes. By herself. Ooooh I’m so happy.



And this beauty…


…had a speaking part in mass this morning. Not just any speaking part, though. The very first speaking part. She had to say “Scholastica” which is not an easy word to say in front of what seems like a thousand people. But she nailed it.


Which is no surprise.

She looked awfully adorable, too.


Oh, and there is more big news.

Yes, even more.

No, I’m not pregnant (but would it be totally shocking if I’d be super stoked if I was? I’m not, don’t you worry.). But yes…my baby did gain weight!

At 6 months she was in the 4th% for weight. Tiny bug.

At 7 months, she was in the 8th%.

And yesterday….at her 9 month check up…my fat little baby was in the 10th% at a whopping 16lbs 6oz. I could not be more thrilled. Yes, she is still an itty bitty thing, but the fact that she is steadily gaining makes me so incredibly happy.

Hooray for big news!

[and a big congratulations to my friend Tara who had her baby….a baby boy, Joshua James. Cannot wait to see pictures of your little peanut!]


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