My  middle children were especially rambunctious this morning.



Nothing gets a day started like some (sweet?) dance moves.

Today he wore GAP khakis, blue crocs, an H&M orange striped shirt and a crewcuts tee. Let me say something about Crocs. They are hideous. So ugly and gross. But ya know what? We own probably 6 pair. They are so easy for my kids to get on themselves and for the pool and/or beach? Perfect. So while I hate them, I also love them.

Alice wanted to dance, too.




So adorable. Today she wore a Tea Collection dress, Old Navy yoga pants and her puzzle rain boots. And a Costco jacket. Gotta love Costco.

I ran into my friend Jennifer while dropping Jamie off. She is awesome — the kind of person I want to be. She is SO easy going. So easy to talk to. I don’t think she could get any more ‘normal.’ But there’s one thing I hate about her.

Her 2 year old is potty trained. Okay, so that isn’t a big deal, right? Lots of 2 year olds are potty trained. Her 2 year old is her 3rd child. Just like Alice. Oh and the kicker….she’s been potty trained since she was 18 months old. So not cool, Piper. So not cool. Along with being one of the cutest 2 year olds I know (she is so cute, looks like a little pixie. ADORABLE.) she is also totally advanced in big kid things like using a toilet. Oh….the jealousy.

I told Alice that when she learns to use the big girl potty she can go to Jamie’s school. She got a very excited look on her face, following it up with, “But Mama…I don’t know HOW!”

That’s a lie for all you suckers. She totally knows how. I’m sending her to Jennifer’s house.

On to Maria.


Today Maria wore Old Navy skinny jeans (she can totally rock skinnies), a crewcuts tee, a sweet hair clip she found herself under the couch, Steve Madden boots and a Burton jacket. She’s so cool — not because of me, mind you. She’s just so cool on her own.

And this sweet little kitten:


Trumpette socks (who doesn’t love polka dots?), Peek leggings, Peek tee (it says, “Put some heart into it” and on the back it says, “I am loved.”) and a patagonia jacket that my friend Shay got for Alice when she was a baby. It’s size 6 months….Charlotte is 9 months…and it fits with room. Oh, this baby of mine. She has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I’m anxious to see her weight and height.

And Mama?


Mama wore coffee this morning. Because I had the bright idea above: drink coffee from a mug in the car while driving my children to school. Brilliant. Set it down, turn left and you’re wearing your coffee. My coffee that is really a pretty awesome mixture of coffee and vanilla creamer. I don’t mind admitting that.

It’s a good thing I was just wearing yoga pants, huh?

Today I’m cleaning out a few closets. Danny and I have some fun things planned, but we have to get organized. Which takes me a while because I’m a little obsessive over it. Making sure things have a spot and the right things get thrown away vs saved. I have some clothes to send to our baby Wyatt, some to save for our cousin Hammy, a few things for Nelly and the rest I really need to organize. I need to part with things that have stains no matter how cute they once were. I need to decide which papers are worth saving and which can be tossed. This job stresses me out. But it’ll be worth it.

Wish me luck.


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