Sick as a Dog [our dog]

We have our mornings down.

I’m lucky, because that means there are no fights, not too many struggles with getting dressed (sometimes it takes a while….and they need a few reminders). The last 5 minutes, though….that’s when the mom-voice comes out and shouts for getting shoes on and hurrying out to the car are being given out left and right. But the majority looks like this:


After breakfast and getting teeth brushed and clothes on, they get to play. Today, it was Calico Critters.


And I got to round up their jammers and start my laundry for the day.


It’s a small pile….but somehow small piles here and there add up to a gigantic mountain of laundry by lunch time. Laundry is my life.

What else is my life lately?


Trying to convince Alice that going potty in the big girl potty really is better than going in a diaper. She doesn’t believe me. Today alone, I’ve taken her by the hand to the potty 5 times. Sent her there by herself 3 (I was feeding a baby once, sorting laundry another, and cleaning up the kitchen the other time). I’ve purchased this child Dora undies, a princess potty, special soap, and fingernail polish….all bribes. She says to me: “I not want to, Mom.”

Do you know how badly I want to try the method where you don’t leave the house for 3 days? Where your child wears underwear, and you are with her 24/7. You take her to the potty in regular intervals. But you can’t leave the house or have any distractions.

Do you think a 9 month old is a distraction?

What about school drop off and pick up?

Literally, I don’t have time to try that method. So I’m doing the “cross my fingers and pray she decides poop in her pants is gross” method. So far…..not working.

And while Alice may not have reached that [very] important milestone, Charlotte found a few.


She crawls on all fours. Actually crawls, not like a zombie coming after you, whose legs do not work.

Amazingly, she’s also gotten cuter. Like, every single day she gets cuter and I have no idea how it happens. I’m pretty sure she can’t get any cuter then BAM! the next day she is. Amazing.


And finally….she claps.


I forgot how adorable all these tiny milestones are. She is so proud of herself and shows off like crazy. I love it.

Now let’s talk about Zeek.


A couple weeks ago, we noticed Zeek was starting to lose weight. First it was just a little bit. We thought maybe he was just running around a little more. We upped his food. Scout has been known to steal Zeeks food, so we fed him a little more and fed them separately. He was still losing.

It got bad. His hip bones were visible along with every single rib. While we went to McCall this last weekend, we asked them if they could look him over really well, try and figure out what exactly was wrong.

I got a call on Saturday from Dr. Bell. She asked if it was okay to take blood. Of course. She called back 3 hours later. She did a chest scan and said there were 3 ROCKS IN ZEEKS STOMACH. She asked if it was okay to do surgery. Yes, please.

$1,199 later, Zeek is as good as new. Kind of. He gets 3 kinds of medication twice a day. He has to stay away from Scout to make sure his stitches stay intact. He has to eat small, frequent meals so his stomach has time to heal. She had to make 2 incisions: one to get the rocks and one to empty his stomach. She also had to sew and attach his stomach to his body wall so that it didn’t flip…apparently something that is common in dobermans. If the sutures don’t stay and hold, he will have to go to WSU. Dear God in Heaven…please don’t let that happen.

I hope God reads my blog.

So anyway, poor Zeek is resting at home. I even let him lie on my bed. Cross your fingers everything heals well and I remember his medication in between laundry, diapers, lunches, cleanup, baths, school pick up, school drop off and violin lessons.


1 thought on “Sick as a Dog [our dog]

  1. Megan

    Ruthie~ I feel like so much has happened to your family in the past few days1 I hope Zeek is feeling better and congratulations to sweet Charlotte!
    See you tomorrow.


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