Lots of Thoughts

I’m so exhausted.  Dan brought home some product that slows your roll and my roll is so slow….I’m ready to sleep.  I need to make a hair appointment.  I need my ends trimmed so this sucker keeps growing.  I also need some color.  Fun color.  Pink and purple maybe.  Who knows.  Listening to my 6 year old play the violin is amazing.  I love that she is starting to ‘get’ it and it actually sounds real.


I need a good book.  One like the last couple I read where I’m completely into it.  I love going onto Pinterest and seeing things there that I’ve actually done…years ago.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I wanna pin my awesomeness.  Similarly, when reading Lucky magazine or People or maybe Dwell and I see kids clothes being featured or books or products that I have….I feel cool.  Even if I’m not, I pretend I am.


I’m ready for a change of pace.  A slower change of pace.  Simpler living.  I got Jessica’s save the date in the mail today — I’m so excited!  Jessica is one of my favorite people ever.  She’s smart and fun and we’ve been friends for a long time.  She is the same as Leann…I can go weeks and weeks without talking to them but when I finally do, it’s not weird or awkward or new.  It’s like highschool again.  Her wedding is going to be amazing and Nick is so lucky.


I love Real Housewives.  And Law and Order: SVU.  Shameless, Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, Dance Moms, Walking Dead….and so much more.  I love TV.  And I think that’s okay.


My kids have been whining all day long.  It must be an “after vacation” thing.  We were out of town all weekend, so the day back is hard.  Speaking of vacation, less than a month to go before the tiniest kitten and I are in NYC.


Happy Monday night.


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