And finally….sleep

Weekends are always busy.  In a fun way, of course.  Our kids are good little travelers – we can pack them up and head out of town and whether the trip is 2 hours or 6 hours, they take it well.

Only a bit of whining, a few, “How much longer?” questions, and lots of coloring and reading and ds-playing and ipadding.  We’ve figured out how to pack for 4 kids, 2 of which  require diapers (I know, I know….Alice should be transitioning soon).  We know how to pack all those bags and accessories into our 4-Runner and getting all packed and ready to go doesn’t really take too long.

This last weekend, we headed down to McCall.  We stayed at Dan’s parent’s really beautiful home.  Danny and Maria snowboarded on Saturday while Cenone and I took the babies down to go sledding and check out the snow/ice sculptures for Winter Carnival.  We picked up Ria and Danny spent the rest of the afternoon riding with his pals.  We got to see Brian, we watched some fireworks, the kids took a bath in the outrageously awesome bathtub, and we had a really wonderful weekend getaway.

And finally….sleep.


Tomorrow, hopefully we’ll get to pick up Zeek from the vet.  Just wait until you hear what happened to him….


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