Busy Week

I know this is post #3 for this morning, but I don’t want to post about last week, next week.  Make sense?

This week was busy for the kids.  School, playdates, birthdays, violin and dance classes…phew.
Tuesday we celebrated Grandma Cheri’s birthday. We brought in Chinese food and went to their house. Before, though, Maria worked very hard on a card.



And she changed out of her jeans and t-shirt and into a “party dress” because it was a special occasion. And Alice decided Grandma’s birthday called for her Dora pjs. Not a battle I wanted to fight. Because, really, who cares if she wears her Dora jams, right?


Thursday was career day at Maria’s school.  She told me she wanted to dress up as a cheerleader.  I said no, that wasn’t actually a career.  A lie?  Only a little bit of one.  I know some adults are professional cheerleaders, but she wasn’t about to dress up as one for school.  She went with cowgirl.  Perfect.




Did she ride that horse right into class? You betcha.

Alice didn’t want to get left out of our early morning photo sesh, so I happily snapped away.



These puzzle rain boots have replaced Maria’s cowgirl boots as a current favorite.


And Charlotte decided to smile for the camera, too.



[her shirt says, “Happily Ever After is Right Now.” It is.]

We also had a double playdate on Thursday. With Jamie’s school friends. First up was Wyatt.

We made bouncy balls (we got the kit from Peek Kids).




They were pretty sticky…Jamie’s ended up drying out okay and bounces alright. I hope Wyatt’s does, too! It was so beautiful outside that they went out to play.

Our Wyatt came over, too.


apparently the 4-wheeler “blew its hood”…I”m guessing that means it broke so they had to push it. They are hilarious.


Our Wyatt is always easy and we’d have him over every day if we could. And luckily, he’s just a block or so away, so it’s super easy. School Wyatt is a really sweet boy and a lot of fun — super easy play guest! We took him back right before we had to pick up Maria from school. After that we picked up Noah from his school. By then, I realized my camera was out of batteries and I didn’t get any pictures. But holy cow, those boys ran wild for the first hour and 1/2. They were pirates. Then they were Star Wars guys. Then they were chasers. Then they played some legos. Then they played with the kitchen. They started to winding down with a little Phineas and Ferb DS.

After dinner Danny took Noah home. Again…super fun boy. Hilarious and polite and very sweet. Jamie was in happiness overload with his playdates. He smiled and laughed all day long. I realized I probably don’t do playdates with him often enough. He’s to the age, now, where parents are okay with leaving their kids at other houses for a few hours. Last year might have been a little young. But we are definitely going to make it a regular thing.

And today? Today we head down to McCall for another weekend of snow fun. Cenone and Andy will be down there and I’ve recruited Cenone to hang out with us tomorrow since Maria and Danny will be snowboarding. Actually, she offered to watch the babies so I can go snowboarding, too….but the lodge is SO boring down there, I would never make her sit in there with Alice and Charlotte. BORING! Besides, we’ll have more fun shopping and eating and doing who knows what else.

Happy Weekend!


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