I love you because…


…you are so you.

Unique, interesting, silly and serious. You are you, and that is all you want to be.

[you did a little dance for me. you thought it was super cool…so did i.]



You would rather play pretend (pirates, vikings, monsters) than play with trucks or play sports. I love that about you. That even if your friends don’t want to or if your friends are off playing something different, you are okay with your pretend play. Even if it means just playing with Alice.

You are so curious. Yesterday alone you defined at least 4 words and/or phrases for me. “‘Day out’ means a break (like Mother’s Day Out). ‘Challenge’ means something hard that makes your brain work….” You ask me a zillion times what things mean. Sometimes I don’t know, so you’ll take a guess.

You are so genuine. I know that when you act happy, you are really happy. When you act sad, I know you are sad. You use words to tell me how you feel and why. You don’t keep things a secret and I like that. You tell me what you think, no matter what it’s about. Yesterday we gave $3 to a man outside of McDonalds. You asked me what his sign said. I said, “Hungry and homeless. Anything helps.” Then I asked you what you thought about that. You were so confused that he didn’t have a home. I explained that he didn’t have money for a home and was having a hard time buying food, too. Since we had some extra money I thought it would be nice to help him. You were quiet for a while then asked about money in relation to toys…how money buys new toys. Then you said, “I think he needs a home more than I need a new toy.” I knew you meant it and you had really thought about it, because you aren’t the kind of kid who will say something just to be cute or nice or funny. And I love that.

[this is part of my project 52. I’m linking up with Shawna over at Styleberry who is linking up with lots of bloggers who are participating in their own project 52’s. Check them out and start your own!]


2 thoughts on “52:5

  1. Cheri Prasil

    A lot like his Dad. Dan used to talk with homeless people in Seattle when we visited. I alway thought that was very caring of him since most people ignore them.


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