Stomp Rockets and Seam Allowances

Not safe, this toy.


I bought it for Jamie for Christmas. I got it off of Zulily and when it finally arrived, the box said, “Ages 16 and up.” Uhhhh….

We freaking love it.


Jamie gets it all set, stands back behind me and I stomp, all 115 pounds of me (what? 115 sounds about right, right? RIGHT?)


I can launch that sucker to the moon and back. And Jamie gets it ready again.


Seriously, I probably launched it 50 times. The baby and the dog sat and watched.



Each time, it’d fly into the field across the way.


Jamie would run after it hit the ground, retrieve it (like Scout should have been doing) and then bring it back and ‘fix’ it if it needed.



Alice had the ‘baby’ version. One with a foam bulb on the tip of the rocket. She would stomp with all her might and it would go maybe 2 feet in the air and land 5 feet away. And then she’d say, “Get it, Jamie.” Sassy little thing.

She has taken to wearing Maria’s cowgirl boots. Maria wears size 12. Alice wears size 8. They are big and there are many falls.



We quickly shake it off and get back to stomping. Today was a gorgeous stomping day.

Oh, and I made another shirt.


I need a live-in craft expert. Someone who can explain seam allowances and how to sew on stupid shoulders. This shirt was SO skinny on Charlotte, but I pulled and tugged and got it on.

Yep, a little raw.


But pretty cute. It will fit her for 3 days before my fat little baby pops it open on the sides.


But that’s okay. The more I make, the better I will get. This is SO much better than my first one.

My friend Brooke pointed me in the direction of:

Ohhhhh I love it. Her tutorials are so easy to follow. I’ll be making all our own clothes in no time. Matching pants and shirts for the whole family? Yeehaw!!

I kid.

But seriously, my babies are gonna be rocking handmade dresses this summer.

Finally, dont forget to enter the headband giveaway! Send your friends to my blog and if they say you sent them, I’ll put your name in twice for the drawing.


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