The ‘Stang

This girl gets left behind.


Not on purpose, of course. The big kids just take off. They run like there’s no tomorrow and forget the 2 year old who is wearing 3 sizes too big cowgirl boots and has the head of hair that is always in her eyes.

So she takes the ‘stang.


Forgets to go from reverse to forward and ends up doing backwards circles in the culdesac.


But then remembers I’m there and sweetly looks up at me with a, “Please help, mama?”


And I can’t help but help. Even though I know that in 10 feet she’s gonna get stuck.


[she forgets how to steer]

And sure enough, less than 10 feet later, she’s stuck. She yells at Maria to come and help. And waits like any girl in a Mustang would wait.


Until Maria comes to rescue her.



Jamie though? Jamie has his own plans. They involve trying to sneak the trike inside for some inside triking. No dice, Jamie. No dice.



He knew he wouldn’t get away with it.


Good news for you mamas of little girls. I have a giveaway. One of you lucky readers will win a really adorable black and pink Sprinkles for Sprouts flower headband just in time for Valentine’s Day. I bought it about a month ago with a giveaway in mind. I know it’s not even February yet, but if you are like me, you take full advantage of upcoming holidays and that first day of February, you bust out the pink, reds, blacks and whites. Celebrations are important.

CUUUUUTE. Hot pink and black polka dots.

So if you want to win a headband, leave a comment here telling me why you love Valentine’s Day.  If you say you hate Valentine’s Day because it’s just a made-up holiday so that flower and card companies can make money, you won’t win.  Holidays rock, no matter what. I’ll randomly pick a winner. Oh, and you totally don’t have to have a little girl to win or enter. I bet you all know at least one little girl who would rock this headband like it’s no big thing.


18 thoughts on “The ‘Stang

  1. Brandie

    Valentines Day is my absolute favorite holiday. I go all out and decorate, get the kids some sort of present to start off their day and have the best intentions to make pink heart shaped pancakes. Of course I don’t mind being spoiled myself.

    Plus Allison will rock that headband! Its adorable and so her.

  2. patrick

    I love Valentines Day because I get to spend the day with all my friends and those I love. Oh… wait a second…

  3. Ellen

    I love that sassy pants has a ‘stang. it just adds to her awesomeness. I love Valentines day because my Dad always sends me flowers and makes me feel like the princess that I believe that I am. And I concur that any and all holidays rock- they give me craft inspiration for the kiddos at MDO!

  4. Rachel

    I hate Valentine’s Day because I hate those little candy hearts and yet I eat a ton of them every year. But I also love it because Leo always makes steak for dinner and I love me some steak.

  5. Hollie

    I love the way you say things, Ruthie!
    This is a true story : I home schooled Emma Kindergarten-half of First grade. We moved here in that time. I had Espen in that time. We went on vacation February 1st and came home on February 14. Even if I had had the energy to have a party for Valentines Day, we knew no one to invite. So on February 15 I signed Emma up for school, so the following year she could be guaranteed a Valentine’s party.
    No joke.

  6. Tara Ruggles

    I love Valentine’s Day because we are so busy throughout the entire year to do anything romantic or special for each other… And so Valentine’s Day is a day where we can actually show each other, and the girls how much we love everyone! Even though I don’t think the girls really need another day of the year that we show them how much we love them… 😉

  7. Juey

    So I don’t have a little girl… will it be weird if I wore it?
    Anyway, I love Valentine’s Day because it gives you a reason to be extra mushy – it’s OK for Erin to bring home flowers without being his motive questioned! (I kid, I kid). But really, what is there to not like? Having a day to remind you show your loved ones how much you loved them? And I am most excited now that I can actually partake in all the valentine’s day card writing, gift making, house decorating and dressing up for school activities. I never grew up doing any of that (again, one of those foreigner things), so I am excited to go through it with Wyatt. And now I have a good excuse to decorate the house with pink and red; living with three boys (2 humans + 1 doggie) doesn’t translate to girlie things… except for this time fo the year!

  8. Trish Remacle

    I love Valentine’s Day because of the fun Valentine’s Day parties that the kids get to have at school! It’s so much fun to sit down at the table and watch them write their names on the cards, then stick that fun special treat they picked out for their friends onto their special card. It’s such a great day to “share the love” even more!

  9. Laynie McClain

    I love Valentines day because… It forces my husband to do something romantic for me 🙂 Plus it’s two days after his birthday, so it brings the focus back to me. OR at least I like to think so! This year I’m excited to dress Lilly up in cute pink & red outfits!!!

  10. Megan

    I am leaving a comment about the stang… Noah has one… he should bring it over and the kids could race!!!
    And I love Valentine’s day because it is pretty and all about love… which I am all about.

  11. chelseablewett

    I like Valentines Day because– Like you said, every holiday rocks. It gives me a reason to go on a date with my husband. And when you have 3 kids under 2… you need all the dates you can get! 🙂


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