2 Wheels, Playdates, and Luck

Maria is almost 7 (and when she turns 7, just you wait for that blog post. A horse party to beat all horse parties..). At her preschool “Trike-a-Thon” when she was 3, I had to literally push her trike around the course. Or was she 4? She might have been 4. Either way, I know that I was the only mom who was out there pushing her child around the track. With a baby strapped to my back.  She enjoys riding her bike, but she doesn’t really care too much about it. She is very comfortable having training wheels. Her best pal Lydia started riding on 2 wheels quite a while ago and I thought maybe Maria would want to try it…but no. She’s not really too competitive and truly doesn’t mind if she isn’t the best at something or if she can’t do something that someone else is really great at.

And it was so hilarious when today she hopped on Zachary’s bike (Zachary is our friend who lives down the street…he left his bike at our house) and took off. It’s a 2 wheeler.


That helmet is a 4-wheeling helmet. And a little bulky.


She swapped it out for a regular helmet and felt much better. And she took off.



And there might be nothing better than hearing, “Mama!!! Look!!! I’m really doing it!!”


And Alice tip toed on her tricycle after her.



I know, she should be wearing a helmet. Even though she doesn’t actually ride that thing. I promise that most the time I do make her put one on….but I had my camera and was afraid I’d miss the moment. Lame excuse, I know.

I spent the morning cleaning the entire house. Like…cleaning. Not just picking up. My baseboards are clean. Under every single bed? Clean. The fan blades are clean. You guys have no idea.  I not-so-secretly want someone to knock on my door and say, “We have a farm on the river that we want to trade you straight across.  We only want your house if it’s clean.”  So I keep it clean.  Just in case.

And then at 3:00 Ava came to play.


It was girl central at our house.


Maria is queen of playdates and is such a good hostess. She is the first to give up a doll that she loves just so someone else can have it. She never asks to play something else and I hear, “What do you want to play?” several times each playdate. She also always includes Jamie and when maybe she just wants to play with her friend alone, she says very nicely, “Jamie, we just want some girl time, okay? We’ll play later.” She is very sweet. And today was no exception. Alice, on the other hand, threw a few fits when she didn’t get the color she wanted in Candyland and when she wasn’t quite ready to quit playing dolls. Ohhhhh she has so much to learn.



And Charlotte was the best sport. She was the big girls’ baby for at least 30 minutes. They hauled her around. They rocked her to ‘sleep.’ They strapped her into her carseat maybe 3 times. They swaddled her up. It was really hilarious. After about 30 minutes she had had enough. I set her free and she cruised around Jamie’s room with him.


And Mama? Mama did laundry.


At 5:30 we all loaded up (Me, Ava, Jamie, Maria, Alice and Charlotte—-Danny is out of town again) and went out for dinner. The kids were so good. The big girls ate ahi, Jamie and Alice shared pizza and Charlotte ate her weight in mashed potatoes. They each got a balloon and after 1.5 hours, we were out of there, taking our playdate guest home.

And I thought, “Wow. How lucky am I?” How many mamas can take 5 kids out to eat by herself and be sane afterwards? They all said please and thank you and they giggled and laughed. They shared and talked and asked each other lots of questions. I only had to tell Alice to sit down 3 times and it was only because she was so excited. Trips to the bathroom were minimal and they all ate like champs. They held hands in the parking lot and didn’t fight over which carseat was assigned to who. Lucky, that is me.


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