I love you because…


…you make things exciting.

You do. You are the happiest, most excited girl I know. I could tell you we were going on a ride to the garbage dump and you’d do a little dance and probably sing about it, too. You make life fun and happy. You are completely genuine and I love that. You are excited about life and that makes me excited, too.

On Wednesday, Maria checked out a book from the library.


A princess baking book. She looked through that thing for a good hour before deciding what she wanted to make. Ballerina slipper cake. She asked if maybe I could go to the store and get the ingredients. I said sure.



We made that cake and she sang and danced about it the whole time.



And she is teaching Alice to be excited, too. I love it.


And this little thing will watch her example and grow up to be the same.


Jamie gets excited, too, and even more excited when he can do it alongside his sisters. Close siblings are the best.

We had to try the cake, of course.



“MMM MMM this cake is sooooo good. Yeah, yeah, so so so good!” Maria sang that.

And our final product:


It was too crumbly to frost the sides. But ya know what? She didn’t care.


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