What they Wore Wednesday.


Today Miss Sassy Pants wore a Gymboree sweater and gap kids khakis.

She found that tiny little bottle of princess shampoo and said, “I not open it, mom. I want hold it.”

I told her okay.


Because my mommy powers are useless to adorable faces like that.

Well she ended up opening it up and squirting it everywhere. *sigh* But again…


She’s too hilarious to get too upset. Zipper down, full belly, hands on the hip and all.

Charlotte wore an adorable little outfit from Naartjie Kids. LOVE Naartjie.  Quick, click the link.  They’re having a sale.



Sweet and adorable and not overdoing it at all with the cuteness. I mean, the cuteness is overflowing from that baby, but the clothes aren’t too-too.

And the adorable headband is from Sprinkles for Sprouts. My fave.


If it were up to Jamie, he’d wear “comfy clothes” every single day. “Not blue pants (jeans). And a comfy shirt.” On school days, though, being the mean mom I am, I make him dress up a bit. My kids don’t really get to choose what they wear each day. I might give them a choice between A and B, but you better believe I chose which was A and which was B. Again, I’m mean.

He wore gapkids khakis, a “comfy” jcrew shirt and then a sweater from Macy’s. You just cannot beat the Green Dog sales.


Oh, and cars socks. The most important part of the outfit.

And Miss Maria.

She would wear anything I put out for her.

Today it was a pair of Guess skinny jeans (love Costco kids clothes!), a Mini Boden top, and Twinkle Toes shoes.


Today was a pretty easy day for us. The babies didn’t have school so after we dropped off the big kids we went home so I could clean up a bit. Then we got a surprise visit from Daddy who came home sick. He had a horrible sinus thing going on — so much pressure. He took a quick nap (less than an hour) and woke up feeling SO much better. He left for work while the kids and I did some laundry. We had grilled cheese for lunch. Maria came home from school and had an after-school snack. They rounded up some neighbor kids and played for a solid 2 hours. Now, dinner is cooking and we’re gonna hang out the rest of the night. Maybe play a game. Maybe read some books.

Ya know, the usual.


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