Haircuts and Hip Hop

Haircuts and hip hop. That’s what our Tuesday’s highlights were. The day started out routine, though. They pretty much always do, and that is just fine with me. Routine makes me feel safe and normal and I’m very okay with things being boring sometimes. I tend to get anxious about things, so routine does me good.

So does chaos and excitement and surprises for sure. And I love those things, but only on occasion.

Our Tuesday routine starts with waking up at 7:00am. I know, I only give all of us 1 hour to get ready and out the door, but I have found that waking up any earlier than that makes us a cranky, no-fun mess. We do okay when we’re rushed. I made scrambled eggs and toast for the kids. They aren’t huge eaters, so when I can get some good protein and fats in them, I do. Eggs are good for them to have. They had eggs, got dressed (we had baths the night before), dawdled a little bit, played spies, found shoes, got coats, found lunches (because they magically appear on the kitchen island in the morning), fed the dogs, let them out to play, let them back in, changed diapers, did hair, brushed teeth, double checked backpacks, then we booked it to school. Safely, of course, but in the 20 steps we took from our front door to the car, I probably had to say, “Come ON please…we are going to be late if you do not get in the car right now!” There is lots to see on the way to the car apparently.

We got to school safely and on time. Miraculous.

First Ria, then Jamie, then the baby girls. Then mama had mama time. Which I spent at Maria’s school helping them read and do math. I love being a mama.

And after a trip to Walmart with my mom (ugh, Walmart) and lunch, I picked up the babies.

Holy cuteness, Batman.



Charlotte stays for a couple hours at a time. Enough time for me to get things done, but not so long that she misses the mama milk and gets fussy. She likes school, I think, and we all know Alice loves it. But I think she loves Miss Emeh (Ellen) more. She has a bit of a crush, that’s for sure. She is constantly, at home, wondering if Miss Ellen would like her princess dress. She uses the big girl potty like Miss Ellen. She wants to sing a song for Miss Ellen. It’s awfully cute.

Almost as cute as this pose she’s been busting out lately:

Hands on the hips? Why not?

And off we went to pick up Jamie.





We went home and rested before it was time to pick up the biggest of the kittens.


Love them.

We had to run a few errands then we went to pick up Noah and go to hip hop class.

Oh, yeah, you heard me right. Hip hop.


Then I asked them to show me some moves and this is what I got. Hilarious.


And pure awesomeness that they both wore Phineas and Ferb t-shirts today. They rock. And from what I hear, they also have sweet dance moves. They are gonna blow the whole class away.

And while the boys were at dance, the girls and I headed to Allen and Company so Maria could get her hair cut.


Alice can be a little stinker. She spent her time singing, marching, and giving me silly faces.




Tara’s quick. She cut Maria’s hair and finally we had our adorable short-haired girl back.



Then we took Maria to violin (she’s getting so much better!). In the car waiting for her to finish, the kids jumped around while I read. It was crazy loud in the car, but I’m okay with it. I can hear my babies playing, they are happy, and I get to read. It really doesn’t get too much better than that. It could, though. We could be on the beach in Mexico or Hawaii and the babies could be in the sand and Danny could be surfing and I could be laying under an umbrella reading.

But honestly, sitting outside Betty’s house on a Tuesday night at home is okay, too.


1 thought on “Haircuts and Hip Hop

  1. Ellen

    Again, not awkward at all that I’m the example she uses when thinking of the bathroom. I really enjoy my conversations with Alice. Sometimes it takes a repeat or two to communicate accurately but its always enjoyable. And we ALL love having Charlotte! She’s getting so good at pulling herself up and army crawling!


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