I’m a seamstress

The worst seamstress in the entire world.

My aunts and my grandma all sewed. Actually, my aunt Tracy had a little company from which she sold adorable baby clothes. She can whip up curtains or probably whatever you want like it’s no big thang…

And my grandma sewed, too. One summer, I was kind of obsessed with halter tops and I asked her if she would make me a couple. She did. She also made me a couple Halloween costumes and I have some gowns that she made for my brother when he was born.  I think it was my brother, it might have even been my mom or aunt…lots of talent in my family.

But I’m not so sure it got passed on to me.


Yes, that is my sewing machine. I got it for Christmas and I am so determined to learn how to use it. Not just use it, but use it well. I want my friends to say, “Hey, could you make me a skirt? I want ruffles like this and I want it fitted here and then loose here.” And I wanna know exactly what they mean and be able to make it no problem. My friend Leann can do that. She made me a skirt once in high school. She also made me a baby blanket. Oh, and baby onesies. Yes, she is ridiculous and I mean that in a good way.

I’ve started collecting fabrics.


That’s not all of the fabric I have, just what is washed. I like to have a supply of things. I have tons of gift bags. Purses? I have one in every style and color. I have many a pair of shoes. I am slightly obsessed with kids’ pajamas. I just like to have a stock of things, alright? And fabric is my next must-have. And sewing books.


So anyway, this weekend I completed my first sewing project. Aside from my home ec snowboard pillow in 8th grade, this is the very first thing I’ve ever made on my own. My aunt showed me how to put the pattern down and cut it out (I didn’t want to screw that up) and I read the instructions and tried to interpret them as well as I could.






I’m 100% sure it’s not supposed to be a boatneck. How the heck did the neckline get so huge?! And I totally ran out of binding along the right shoulder….see? And the stitches are TOTALLY not straight and don’t match up around the bottom. It’s so hilarious and I love it. I am so proud of that shirt…that shirt that would not sell if I tried to sell it for $1. But I will get better.

But apparently not today. I tried my hand at a pair of pants. I was laughing so hard when I was 1/2 way through — they most definitely did NOT look like pants. Jamie’s teacher and my friend Megan sews. She has offered to help me out, but I hate wasting people’s time. HATE it. I don’t want her to have to hold my hand through all these steps…but I might have to break down and ask her to and take her up on her offer. I don’t know what a gusset is and how the H do you tell a right side from a wrong side of knit fabric?


Wish me sew much luck.  (I am so hilarious).


2 thoughts on “I’m a seamstress

  1. Megan

    Ruthie you must know that you are extremely brave for starting off with a shirt and pants! They are so tricky, armpits and a crotch, hello! super tricky and you did it!!! The shirt is adorable. You already know so much… I am a novice who just goes for it, making random things. I would love to hang out and sew:)

  2. Connie

    You will get better. I remember two of my funnier mistakes … Pinning all 26 pattern pieces of a suit to the carpet, and putting the zipper into the gem of a skirt instead of the waistband


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