Movie Day

So Dindy (that’s what I call Danny — we used to have a dog named Indy and it was easier to say Dindy than it was to say Dan and Indy…that 2 seconds counts) went to McCall to snowboard this weekend so it was just me and the kittens.

They have been asking to go to a movie for a long time. Actually, they’ve been asking to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua but that hasn’t been in theaters for years. My mom and dad suggested that maybe we go see Beauty and the Beast today in 3D and we jumped at the chance to go to the theater with Papa and Lala. Mostly because Papa will buy any candy you want and then go back in the middle of the movie to get more.


Oh, and it was a great excuse to wear princess dresses out in public.


We couldn’t find the sparkle Belle dress which is tragic — it’s one of our favorites. And tell me, please, how you can misplace a horribly glittery, full, crinkly princess dress? We tore apart the playroom to find it and couldn’t. She’s pretty easy to please (that’s totally a lie) and Aurora was better than nothing.

Maria, though, got the Belle dress. The not-sparkle Belle dress. Still a good one (they all are).


Can we talk about their hair for a second? It was 10:40 and the movie was at 11:09. I try and leave at least 15 minutes early from our house to get anywhere which meant time was running out. Both the girls’ hair was still wet from their bath and Alice squeals any time a brush comes into view. I bribed her. I told her she could only wear the dress if she let me do her hair. Horrible, I know. Also really good parenting.

So I loaded her head up with conditioner (Biosilk, my favorite) and carefully brushed through the tangles. It took 10 minutes. Thrown up into a bun, it actually looked cute. But I also only had 5 minutes left to do Maria’s hair, find shoes for Alice, get all their coats off the hook, get shoes on Charlotte, get a diaper bag packed, and put Charlotte and ALL the kids in the car. That’s a 10 minute job. So that’s why Maria’s hair looks like it does. Oh, and she added the headband which I tried to tell her didn’t really match. Whatev.

And poor Jamie. He wanted to dress up SO badly. He grabbed a bumblebee costume from the playroom and tried putting it on, and then told me it really only works when he just has his undies on. I told him that wasn’t really an option and was there anything else he wanted to wear instead? He said no and grabbed his coat and boots and headed outside like a big boy. Please, Disney, make little boy costumes. More than just a Peter Pan hat and Pirate swords. Not all boys are totally into trucks and fighting and sports. Some like to be the prince to their sister princesses.

Like this prince.


[also crazy hair. today is not a good hair day for the Prasils.]

The movie went well. I think? I’m not completely sure because I was out in the hall for 90% of it with Charlotte who was sleep deprived. But the kids only had to come out with Papa once to use the bathroom and get snacks. I’d say that’s a sign it went well. Alice looked awesome with her 3D glasses on, their bellies were full of popcorn and soda, and Disney ran our lives for 2 hours once again. Yep, it went well.


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