Friday Favorites

Toddler Burton One Piece Snowsuit


This thing has been a lifesaver this week. It’s SO easy to get on and off and it’s ridiculously cute.

Cake Batter Cookies


I found this recipe on pinterest and followed it to this blog. I actually do either attempt lots of things I find on Pinterest or make lots of recipes I find on Pinterest. These cookies were delicious. My favorite cookie of all time is a plain old vanilla cookie — chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. For this recipe, I left out the sprinkles and the cookie was perfection. Mmmmmm.

PBS Kids Television


Martha Speaks is one of my favorites. Especially with Jamie who loves the meanings and definitions of words. And then Maria who both acts out and lip-syncs to the opening theme.

Disney Princess Memory Game


This has kept us busy quite a bit this week. And it’s easy enough that Alice loves it and can actually play it. Maria and Jamie get quite competitive. But don’t worry, I usually win.



Yes, totally a toddler’s Nintendo. Lots of the games are pretty educational, though. Not really Phineas and Ferb so much, but Dora is. And so is the Magic School Bus and a few others. I’m not fooling myself into thinking it’s a complete and total educational thing I’m giving them to do, I know it’s a video game, but it beats some of the others out there.

Boot Socks


Cheri gave me a pair of boot socks for Christmas and I’m in love. They are so cute — grey and lightweight. I let them peek out over the top of my boots and I think it’s pretty fashion.

Hot Chocolate


But not just any hot chocolate. Like my sister in law Liisa, I am a bit of a hot chocolate snob. If there’s too much water in it, it’s gross. Don’t even think about overdoing the chocolate, either. The mix has to be just right. But what really makes or breaks my cup of hot chocolate? The whipped cream. My very favorite cup of hot chocolate comes from Waffles N More. The whipped cream is thick and delicious and the sprinkles kinda dissolve in your mouth. I HATE hard sprinkles.



I’m kind of obsessed with braids right now. My hair is long enough (finally) that I can pretty much do any hairstyle and it’ll stay in. Now I just need a live-in stylist. I can french braid pretty well, but I don’t really like doing it. I wanna do a french braid fishtail….and I wanna do an upside down french braid…and I wanna do a waterfall braid….see? I have so many things I want, but not enough time in the morning to do them. Dang kids…

There are my Friday Favorites. If they seem a little boring this week, it’s cuz they kind of are. I try and pick things that I’ve really enjoyed throughout this week and I’ve had a very busy and snowy last several days — so it was hard to come up with anything you guys might like!


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