Snow Day — Like an Actual Snow Day

Okay, so there’s snow…and then there’s SNOW.


That’s SNOW. We woke up to several inches of snow this morning. I know I said that Monday was magical with the snow, but compared to today, that was just a lame card trick. This magic snow was like levitation, disappearing acts and making rabbits appear in hats kind of magic. It was beautiful.

I had heard it was coming, but I never believe the weather people when they talk about big storms. I get all excited and then it’s usually a let down. But not this morning. The weather delivered.

It took us 32 minutes to get to Jamie’s school this morning. Mostly because of things like this:


Yes, that Jeep is turned sideways in our lane. I was completely stopped, waiting for him/her to turn around and get situated. They eventually closed that road. LOTS of cars were ditched and there was a lot of sliding around. But we made it to Jamie’s school safely.

[on a scale of 1 to elvishly adorable, how cute are his little ears sticking out?!]

And then we made it to Maria’s school.



She was excited because I packed her snow pants and gloves in her bag so she was able to play on the field where all the fun snow was. Ah, to be 6 again.

Then the babies and I slid our way to Starbucks (not really, we didn’t slide around).


One tall non-fat white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and a kid’s hot chocolate, please. And thank you.


Sure, I’ll also take a side of freaking adorable while I’m at it.

We had to go to Clarkston, and crossing the bridge felt like we were in a movie or something. It really was pretty.

[I can’t believe this picture turned out. I literally just held the camera up and clicked.]

We went to JoAnns and I got myself loaded up with things I need to sew. Like seam rippers and a ruler and bobbins. Do I know what they all do? Only kind of. I will soon.

Then we played.


Scout was in heaven. He kept digging his head under the snow. So cute!


And Alice was such a trooper. It’s hard when your brother and sister are at school and you’re left alone during the day. But she does okay. Especially when there’s snow.





Then we let Zeek out. They went nuts together. Mostly, they just ate the snow.


All 3 of them.



I heard we are supposed to get more snow tonight and a little tomorrow — I really hope we do. I wouldn’t mind a snow day from school. More sledding and snow fun? Why not?!

And what did I wear Wednesday? AKA WIWW….


My pants are purple. And my boots are all black. But this is what I wore today, pretty much all day after dropping the kids off. And let me tell you something…getting the kids dressed for snow play 1,000 times today has made me want to just let them permanently wear snow gear until spring. It takes FOR-EV-ER.


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