Friday Favorites

Lino Rulli, The Catholic Guy


Okay, so I love satellite radio. Sirius channel 129 is the Catholic Channel, and I am going to confess (haha, get it?) that I totally listen to it. I especially like it around 3:00 when I am picking up Maria from school (which just so happens to be Catholic school) because Lino Rulli and Father Rob are doing their talk show: The Catholic Guy. I love these guys. They are hilarious (one of their tag lines before they go to commercial is Will Ferrell reciting the “baby Jesus” prayer from Talladega Nights), he loves Foo Fighters (so do I), they are both funny (I’m pretty sure Fr. Rob said he’d rather go to jail than live in a monastery….), they like to drink, and they keep it Catholic. It sounds so weird, I know, but they are really entertaining.

Hilarious Compact Mirrors


Every time I look at that, I laugh out loud.  It says, “My face hurts from pretending to like you.” HAHAHAH.  I got it for Christmas and I love it. Probably because it’s true. Ya know those people who you don’t really like so much…but you are polite enough to at least try? And you try so hard that by the end of the night your face actually hurts from smiling and responding and being nice? Ahhhhhhh, I do.

Tiny Nerf Guns


A couple years ago, I broke the “no toy guns” rule I made. I bought a nerf gun. I’m only a tiny bit embarrassed to admit that I love it. I have this tiny one that I like to keep in random places and attack Dan when he least expects it.

Sharpie Pens


I believe one can never own too many Sharpie pens. They are perfect.

Top Chef on Bravo


I love Top Chef. Wednesday nights suck except for Top Chef. My friend Brad should totally be on Top Chef and one day he will be…so get ready. And when he does make it and wins, and I’m suddenly acting like his friend, remember I said this and that I always was his friend and I’m not just putting on an act because he’s famous.

Season’s Bistro and Catering


Season’s Bistro is a place here that is wonderful. Their little girl actually goes to school with Jamie and one day last week we decided to try it out. Oh. Em. Gee. Their curry chicken salad sandwich is so delicious I would honestly eat it every day. I also had their “warm goat” salad that was so yummy. My mom had a sweet and spicy turkey sandwich and seafood chowder that she said was phenomenal. It’s good — try it.


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