Here we are…

Here we are.


I know for a fact Danny didn’t think he’d be a 27 year old daddy of 3 girls and a boy.

That he’d be leaving every Tuesday at 4:50 for violin practice.


Or that making pretzel sticks in the Easy Bake Oven was going to be our excitement for the night..





[Maria calls it a “queasy” bake oven…totally because she thinks that’s the actual name. I laugh every time.]

Who would have thought that instead of packing up his own snowboard gear to go ride on the weekend, he’d be helping tiny little feet into itty bitty bindings…




Or that the words “adorable” and “cute” would be used by him on a daily basis. Usually talking about this adorable and cute little thing:



[glitter shoes are fashion]

Instead of trying to impress friends, we try to impress 6 year olds with our sweet queasy bake oven skills. And we totally rock…




Life isn’t easy. It’s hard and it’s sad. It’s frustrating and busy and exhausting.


But it’s also fun. It’s exciting and happy and the best ever and things come along that are totally and completely unexpected.

And sometimes those things are the very best things that could ever happen.  Ever.

Cheers to kids.  And going to bed at 9:00pm and getting babysitters just to go out to dinner.  And planning trips to Disneyland and sending Christmas cards with adorable little faces on the front.  Arranging playdates and birthday parties and spending more at mini boden than any grown-up size clothing store hands down.  Packing up 2 tiny skateboards, 3 little helmets and scads of small pads for a trip to the skatepark.  School drop-off and pick-up and packing hundreds of lunches throughout the year.

Thank goodness for all of it, because this is what I was meant to do.


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